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Call Me Cynical and Irresponsible

“It is a lie, plain and simple.” re: death panels

“This too is false.” re: covered illegals

“No federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.”

This man lies like the worst rug Jim Traficant has ever worn. Every responsible, respectable analyst who has looked into the abortion claim has agreed that Obama is lying about this. His plan DOES cover abortions.

ANd it has no enforcement mechanism to keep from covering illegals. And there IS good reason to believe, as Charles Lane of the Post wrote, that this could lead fairly easily to denial of care based on cost concerns.

In short, our president is a horrendous liar. Moreover, my wife says, from some personal knowledge, that some of his claims “are despicable in and of themselves.”

I have trouble even listening to this self-important charlatan.

He said many of those who argue against his plan are “cynical and irresponsible.” Call me cynical and irresponsible, then. Proudly so. Because what he says is black is white. What he says is white is black. And what he says is cynical and irresponsible is idealistic and thoughtfully responsible.

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