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Obama Spoke Stupidly

President Obama should be ashamed of himself. The way that he excoriated the police who arrested Louis Gates was appalling. The way that he went on and on, after saying the police acted “stupidly,” about the supposed racial aspects of the Gates arrest was even worse. No, this was NOT a racial incident — not until Gates made it one. And no, they did not arrest Gates for the breaking-and-entering charge, which is what Obama seemed to indicate. They arrested him for disorderly conduct. And his conduct, according to multiple witnesses, WAS disorderly.

Barack Obama had an opportunity for a teachable moment last night. Instead, it was left to Bill Cosby to be measured, and thoughtful, while the president all but accused some honest cops of racism. Obama’s corrupt attorney general, Eric Holder, is infamous for saying Americans are “cowards” on the subject of race. Well, no. The real coward is a president who does not have the guts to stand up against blacks who falsely yell racism at the drop of a hat — a president who will not explain to the whole American public that sometimes what might appear to be racially motivated actions can actually have nothing to do with race, and that the “racism” charge should be leveled only with better proof, and only after the benefit of the doubt has been profferred and after it has been determined that other explanations of the actions in question were more plausible.

Oh… wait…. am I allowed to say that the Obamessiah has been cowardly? Will Holder arrest me — and, unlike what he did with the Black Panthers, not let me go?

To be clear, of course I acknowledge that racism still exists. I’ve written columns about it, putting myself on the line against white racists in Alabama, on several occasions. And I have fought against racists and Nazis in Louisiana, sometimes in some less-than-friendly environments. But I’ve also seen false charges of racism poison way too many a situation that need not have been poisoned. And it makes me sick to see a president spreading the poison.

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