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Well, this is disturbing. As if all of the new age and marriage-counseling-style rhetoric trotted out by the administration to frame the President’s visit to Moscow were not enough, we see the photo of Mevedev and Obama on Drudge adding to the compendium of snaps — a la Chavez getting Obama to grin while gripping a bilious anti-American screed — all assisting our plunge to Carter-esque levels faster than the most pessimistic of us expected (seriously…how do you take, well, seriously, a U.S. president who does this and the following?). Apparently, the image captures nicely what is already a disastrous enterprise.

Read the whole thing for yourself, but the Guardian reports that the Obama administration is – allow me to shorten it for you – asking to pay Russia to help keep the Kyoto process alive. Russia wasn’t all that interested post-2012 when this particular five-year-plan expires, having cashed in already and sure the world would be on to them the second time around. But, apparently you won’t go broke counting on our president to play down to every relevant stereotype of a post-radical lefty (BTW, the article’s sub-head is “After success with China, US targets Russia in strategy to reach separate agreements with world’s biggest polluters.” Uh…”After success with China”. Really? Who knew. Wait’ll the details of that one emerge. Good thing we’ve got all this extra money lying around.)

From the Cap Weinberger, “if this [Detente’] is progress, we can’t afford much more progress” school comes the following, also rather alarming for the “in” it reveals that Team Soros has with our erstwhile serious national security apparatus:

In recent weeks, the White House, State Department and National Security Council have also been studying a report from the Centre for American Progress, an influential think tank, that called for looking at climate change as an economic issue, and for demonstrating clear benefits to Russia of action.

Yes! Let’s convince the Russians that what they really need to worry about is global warming…Group Hug! And you thought President Bush’s hopefulness when it came to the Bear was cute.

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