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Imagine what he thinks of cigarettes

This gem just in from Tuesday’s press conference:

Obama:  “At a time of great fiscal challenges, this legislation [Waxman-Markey bill coming to the Hosue floor Friday] is paid for by the polluters who currently emit the dangerous carbon emissions that contaminate the water we drink and pollute the air we breathe.”

Uh…does this have something to do with that New York soda tax? I don’t even have the heart to raise the respiration part about oxygen in/CO2 out, trees take oxygen, subject us to the horrors of photosynthesis … wash, rinse, repeat.

But heck at least he’s got a really good, well thought-out reason for the biggest tax hike in U.S. history, even if he’s also incorrect about who actually pays the energy tax: you do, as his administration, CBO, pretty much anyone who’s bothered to look has pointed out. More on how they are trying to pull this off later, but in sum it’s not really a cost to you if the government gets the money, because you get a dollar-for-dollar benefit in… government (seriously). More please!

Still, this is either adorably (remember, it’s The One) ignorant, or terrifying affirmation that his allies aren’t blowing smoke, and he really does plan on using the Law of the Sea Treaty — and its binding, unaccountable foreign court — to claim to control the new refuge, in the face of collapsing temperatures, of “ocean acidification” from our burning coal, gas and oil. I’d say LOST is a backdoor, except it expressly says it governs “land-borne pollution.” Gee, whatever could they be talking about?

Since none of this fun stuff will ever be reported, until that LOST thingy’s a done deal anyway, just for a moment imagine if his name were Bush and he said something like that. Then again, given their cheerleading and masking of the scientific scandals, just think what a quandary our media would be in then. Worth the price of admission.

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