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This is Rebellion?

Drudge linked a report from the NBC affiliate in DC which told the story of some too-polite “protesters”:

It was a great idea, really. Take a million tea bags and dump them in Lafayette Park to protest government spending. Hip, hip, hoo-ray!

But a funny thing happened en route to a visually pleasing Tax Day protest. The National Park Service said the tea party protesters didn’t have the proper permit to dump their bags.

So instead of a raucous visual demonstration, all that was left were images of the tea party packing up their boxes of tea on a cold, soggy day in D.C.


You’ve got to be kidding — these supposedly indignant taxpayers don’t follow through on their plans because of a permit?! I don’t think that was an issue at Boston Harbor…

Do they issue permits to everyone who trashes the National Mall every Fourth of July?

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