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That Didn’t Take Long – More Numbers

Here are the tea party reports I have so far:

Sandy Bourne (apparently a fast flyer) of the Heartland Institute reports:

DC  2000 -3700
Chicago  4000
Annapolis 1000

Former Michigan state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk, who challenged Sen. Carl Levin in the fall, reports from Lansing:

Official estimate will come in soon, but I would say easily, 2500. Joe the Plumber was there.

The Locke Foundation’s Chad Adams checks in from lil’ ol’ Lincolnton, NC, with an estimate of 250.

Andrew Breitbart says “at least 2,000 in Orange County, CA.”

Adam Cahn reports from Austin, Texas:

Official Police Estimate: 1500.

From my perspective, it seemed closer to 2000-2500.

There’s another one scheduled for later this afternoon.

Seattle talk radio host John Carlson estimates:

5000+ in Olympia, the state capitol here in Washington.  There were 35 tea parties throughout the State today.  Nothing like it ever before, and I’ve lived here since 1961.

Mtpolitics blogger Craig Sprout estimates 250-300 in Helena, but says “I’m probably
lowballing it.”

Blogger Rossputin says from Denver:

About 2,500 I’d say, though some police officers estimated more.

Indeed they did, as Ben DeGrow reports:

I just got back from the rally in Denver – Turnout was huge! The Denver Post says 5,000, and I’m hard-pressed to disagree with that estimate. Amazing!

Denver friend Dave Bufalo confirms:

Just got back from Denver’s tea party. I’d estimate about 4,000 to 5,000 in attendance….  Lots of horn honking as cars drove by.

Rick Adams in Colorado Springs says:

I estimate at LEAST 2,000 showed up at Acacia Park, I’m sure it’s more.

And he was kind enough to send a couple of pictures taken with his cameraphone.

Whew — let me post this and catch my breath!

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