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Buchanan Unleashes Anti-Semites With Latest Disgusting Tirade

Pat Buchanan uses this week’s column (titled “The True Haters”) to defend Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk, who is being sent back to Germany to face charges he was partially responsible for killing 29,000 Jews. While Demjanjuk had been previously exonerated from charges that he was responsible for the murder of Jews at Treblinka, in 2002 a federal judge ruled that he was a willing Nazi guard at the Sobibor, Majdanek and Flossenburg camps, and was part of the process in which thousands of Jews were murdered at Sobibor. This ruling was upheld by an U.S. appeals court in 2004. It shouldn’t matter if Demjanjuk is 89 and ill, there should be no sanctuary, and no statute of limitations on exacting justice on Nazi war criminals. Buchanan’s defense of him is simply vile, but the responses to his column in the Human Events comments thread go further.

For instance, from Jeff Mazak of Buffalo, New York:

Very good again Pat, your voice is not only a voice of reason, it is also a courageous voice for our time….

OSI is an aberration of American justice and is run by rogue, arrogant and hateful Jewish lawyers…

Or “Mark” from Ohio:

The Jews have a history in trumped up charges and hangings. And in ignorance Christians think they get some free pass located in the Old Testament.

Ed from Tennessee (responding to Mark):

BINGO, and it needs to be said over and over again. I don’t know what’s up with the Evangelicals, but they seem to be selectively reading their Bibles.

The Son of God called ‘them’ the offspring of the Devil, didn’t He?

Carl LaFong of Waikiki:

The OSI is very much like what William E. Winterstein author of “GESTAPO USA” describes in his book – “a gaggle of traitors and Jewish zealots posing as lawyers for American justice.”

“seejay” chimes in with some Holocaust denial:

It kinda make one understand the anger of the anti-Zionists.

I mean, there’s no ACTUAL HISTORICAL EVIDENCE that Treblinka was anything more than a transit camp; There is NO EVIDENCE that ANYONE EVER was “holocausted” at Treblinka., yet we allow them to drag this old man into a COURTROOM, and then pretend that we abide by the Rule of Law!

It’s time to open “The Holocaust” up for historical inquiry. Too many decent people have suffered because of this questionable horror-story!

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