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Thursday afternoon I received an e-mail from someone up on the Hill regarding the confirmation hearing for environmental activist and longtime (spectacularly failed) prognosticator of disaster, Dr. John Holdren.

Holdren has been nominated to serve as, of all things, chief science advisor to the president. This is odd for a variety of reasons, most of which distill to his history of telling us how the wretched masses – meaning mostly those breeders who he can’t see from Cambridge, Mass. but he knows are out there, hatching babies – are trashing the place and will have amazing, Technicolor hell to pay really, really soon.

In short, he’s “Population Bomb” and “Population Explosion” Malthusian Paul Ehrlich’s Doppelganger, having collaborated with Ehrlich for decades on saying a lot of very stupid things.

Well, old habits die hard. The email I received noted that Louisiana Senator David Vitter had a difficult time simply rolling over for the notion that this guy should stroll into regular access to the president without having to remind everyone, for the record, of just what a Moonbat he really is. Per my correspondent:

Vitter got Holdren to admit (three times) that he thinks 1 billion people will die from Global Warming by 2020.

That’s right, one beeellion bodies! Imagine if the recent cooling trend weren’t projected even by alarmists to continue until then (by the way, what’s “global warming” without the “warming”?). I mean, that’s already as many people as Americans who will lose their jobs in two months if we don’t immediately pass the Porculus bill, by Nancy Pelosi’s math.

You could say I’ve written about Holdren’s kind – in fact, I do discuss him, including his unique path into the National Academy of Sciences as well as his team’s increasingly desperate portfolio of tricks, here – so he’s not exactly a complete surprise no matter how startling his selection remains.

With the kind of record Holdren trailed in on the heel of his shoe, no wonder Team Soros reports that he was instructed “not to make news” today. Well, the compliant press made sure of that. Heard this anywhere else? Ooh, wait, let me guess: they already knew “global warming” would kill a billion in the next decade. News?

Let this be a heads up, just in case you were wondering whether they really were going to try and pull the trigger on Kyoto-style energy rationing in this administration. I’d say this signals “yes”, or the guys with the butterfly nets might get called to the West Wing soon enough to slap a (might I add, well-earned) 44-extra long on a particular gentleman whose ranting escalated beyond its usual, fevered pitch.

The good news is they may actually be forced out into the open on it, what with Kyoto expiring and our European hectors demanding we sign on to its (surely even uglier) progeny this very year. The better news is that John Holdren is the guy we can point to as being behind it, if and when it surfaces.

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