More on Wilson

As reported by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in the media, MGen. Paul Vallely is still being threatened with a lawsuit by Joe Wilson. Vallely told ABC Radio’s John Batchelor and World Net Daily that Wilson had told him that Wilson’s wife was a CIA employee. Wilson, on hearing Vallely’s statement, e-mailed his lawyer who, in turn, has demanded Vallely retract his statement. Vallely instead repeated it last night on Batchelor’s show.

Rush just read my column on the air and others will, I’m sure, pick it up from there. Wilson must be feeling the heat. Vallely, meanwhile, has corrected one thing he told me and that is included in today’s column. He e-mailed me today to say that his wife didn’t overhear Wilson’s comment about Plame’s CIA status. At this point it is a he said/he said controversy. Stay tuned. Maybe — just maybe — someone will get Joe Wilson under oath and get to the bottom of his story. Which, of course, still begins with the yet-to-be-identified senior CIA official who hired him and turned him loose.

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