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The Kennedy Thing

The idea that Caroline Kennedy would be considered a plausible appointment for the U.S. Senate is absolutely sickening. She has absolutely nothing to qualify her for the job, other than this Kennedy thing that’s been going on for a half-century. Dynastic politics in America is troubling as a general rule, but this brings it to a whole other level. At least when Bush used his father’s name, he had to defeat a sitting Texas governor in 1994, and win a tough presidential election in 2000. Even Hillary Clinton, when she came to New York, at least had to put in some leg work when she ran for Senate to overcome charges she was a carpetbagger. She campaigned tirelessly upstate, dealt with media scrutiny, and debated a paper-waving Rick Lazio. It’s one thing if Caroline Kennedy wants to jump through all the hoops needed to run for Senate, and allow New Yorkers to decided whether or not they want to send somebody who is completely unqualified to represent them in Washington — if people in the state are that pathetically starstruck, then that’s their choice. But for a Kennedy to get appointed to the Senate without doing anything at all to work for it other than raising her hand, is truly an abomination. And let’s be clear on what’s going on — Democrats are intrigued by her huge fundraising potential. Is there really much difference between Blagojevich’s attempt to sell a Senate seat, and what would be taking place if Patterson appointed Kennedy, and had her help him with fundraising when he runs for reelection? I have to say, I was too young to be around for the days of JFK and RFK, so I have always found the Kennedy obsession, particularly among Baby Boomers, to be utterly obnoxious and nauseating (as evidenced by Ruth Marcus’s embarassing Caroline is a fairytale princess column). It was a great national tragedy when JFK was assassinated, but that was 45 years ago. How many Senate seats do we have to hand the family on a silver platter before we can move on?

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