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Quick Quiz

OK, all you media watchers. See if you can guess which big daily newspaper ran this as the ultimate paragraph in their principal editorial today:

“The key issue of course is that once again the rigged evidence with which Bush tried first to persuade the UN to invade Iraq and then used anyway with Britain’s Tony Blair to justify their independent attack on Saddam, is back center stage. Americans did not seem to care back in 2003. They still didn’t care last November when they re-elected Bush — this time with a legitimate majority. But they care now. In the selfsame week of the White House humiliation over Harriet Miers and the indictment of Lewis Libby and the continued implication of Karl Rove, the number of the U.S. servicemen killed in Iraq crossed the 2,000 mark. People are wanting to know how much longer American dollars and American blood are going to be poured out. They might not have worried had Saddam’s overthrow been quick and created a stable Iraq or the death had been on the Iraq side alone. Instead now they see the rising price of failure based on lies and their view is changing to anger. Could the Bush second term perhaps end like Richard Nixon’s?”

New York Times? L.A. Times? Washington Post? Boston Globe? No. You can be forgiven if they all sound the same to you, because they all sound the same to everyone who reads them. No, the issue is who they sound the same as? Ready?

Check out the full editorial, entitled, “Price of Lies.” It’s in the Saudi government-sponsored daily, “Arab News.” The contrast between the Saudi government and the libs here is that in Saudi Arabia the politicians lead the media, not the other way around.

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