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A Coffin for Kathleen Parker

No, I’m not advocating death for the increasingly obnoxious columnist, but just noting that the superb Shannen Coffin today took Parker to task for her latest jeremiad against anything having to do with religious faith. The most offensive passage in Parker’s screed is this: “How about social conservatives make their arguments without bringing God into it? By all means, let faith inform one’s values, but let reason inform one’s public arguments.”

To which Coffin responds: “For many, Republican and Democrat, a belief in the Divine informs reason. So it is a little difficult to remove one from the other.”

Now it would not be absurd for Parker to write that social conservatives ought not expect to persuade the non-faithful if they base their arguments entirely on God. That would be a rather straightforward (and factual) observation. But what Ms. Anti-Oogedy-Boogedy writes is that social conservatives should not even bring God into the discussion at all. That’s jsut great. It’s like telling an atheist he can’t argue AGAINST a Ten Commandments display by citing his atheism. It’s like asking a Frenchman not to argue about foreign policy without citing his his interest in France’s national interests. It’s just absurd. Religion may not substitute for reason when talking to a person who disdains religion, but there is no reason why it can’t be an important part of the reasoning process and the persuasive process.

Coffin is right: Parker is way out of line.

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