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Blah, blah, blah

Seems like there’s a great deal less than met the eye in the Dems’ closing the Senate to discuss classified information. According to Schumer, who just couldn’t stay away from a TV camera any longer, and just spoke to the cameras, they’re demanding a Senate investigation into their allegations that the intel data used to justify the war was manipulated. They say that Pat Roberts (R-Kans), chairman of the intel committee, promised an investigation last year and hasn’t come through. So now the Dems are blocking any other action in the Senate to get their investigation.

Think about the Robb-Silberman report. Former Virginia Dem Senator Chuck Robb and Judge Lawrence Silberman — neither shy guys nor Bush flaks — did that same investigation over a year ago, and came to the conclusion that there was NO manipulation of the intel to justify the war. If that’s all there is to this stunt, there’s nothing to it at all. Schumer was optimistic that Republican leaders would cave and start another investigation.

If they do, consider this: the continuing Fitzgerald investigation will have a perfect outlet for leaks that can imply all sorts of misdeeds at the White House. If this investigation is authorized, watch out. Fitzmas will happen about once a month from now to November ’06, or longer. We’ll stay on this. Stay tuned.

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