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Of Lungren, Bloggers’ Row, and Other Stuff

I still don’t have time to be my promised lengthier analysis of Dan Lungren’s challenge to John Boehner, and I feel less of a need to do so now that Jim Antle has done his thorough and thoughtful column on the same. I still will try to make the time, and I’ll again telegraph my conclusion that Dan Lungren is an unappreciated lion of the conservative cause.

But let me use this occasion to repeat a warning similar to those I’ve grumpily issued before: The right needs to stop finding reasons to nitpick itself to death. It’s time for Palin critics to stop sneering at Palin supporters as if they are all a bunch of rubes, and for Palin supporters to stop acting as if all criticism of Palin is mere cultural snobbery. It’s time for the economic conservatives and the social conservatives and the foreign policy conservatives to stop finding reasons to blame each other or rule each other out of the coalition and instead focus on why they should all stick together.

And it’s time for the techno-wizzes and the techno-tards (I’m one of the latter) to stop acting as if one’s choice of technology is an indicator of character or basic intelligence. (Okay, this is aimed at the techno-wizzes.) I have been absolutely appalled since the election to hear how much the younger techno-wizzes sneer at the 60-somethings who built the conservative movement just because the 60-somethings don’t “get” the new technology. As if all wisdom relies in the ability to use Twitter, whatever the hell that is. And I heard multiple complaints yesterday that a news advisory from Lungren’s office about a bloggers’ phone conference called the event a “bloggers’ row,” when it was not a physical row but a conference call — and as if Lungren himself had anything to do with the choice of terminology.

People, get over yourselves! Fast! And now! First of all, press secretaries put out news advisories. Press secretaries tend to be young. They probably damn well know what a real bloggers’ row is. The terminology there was probably meant as a clever analogy. I mean, when it comes down to it, a “row” and a conference call achieve the same purpose: To have all conservative bloggers together in one “place” in order to concentrate the dissemination of the message. In this sense, even if the press secretary in question did NOT know the difference, well, who gives a flying fungo bat?!? Why does it matter? Why does that have anything to do with Lungren’s fitness for leadership, or lack thereof (or as the expression goes, with the cost of tea in China)?

Just as the older builders of the conservative movement are wrong if they act as if the whole movement does not and cannot exist without them, and wrong if they don’t take the younger generation seriously as leaders, so too is the younger generation not just wrong but friggin stupid if they do not value experience, not value the wisdom that comes with having been in the trenches — and not have patience with people who don’t know the difference between text messaging and emailing.

I’m right in the middle of all this, philosophically and in terms of age. I was born in 1964, either the final year of the Baby Boom or the first year of Generation X, depending on how you look at it. And in terms of the movement, I’m midway between its founders and its young guns. I value both groups. It makes me sick to see either group not value the other. And it really makes me sick to see how simple terminological differences and techno-differences can make one group not even be able to hear or to communicate with the other.


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