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No Liberal Brow More Fevered

Than that of WaPo columnist E.J. Dionne, Jr. His Tuesday fulmination rages at the gifts he thought were his for Fitzmas. Not this one, the one he — and apparently Joe Wilson — thought would come out in October 2004 just in time to get Vichy John Kerry elected. Dionne accuses Scooter Libby of throwing sand in the eyes of prosecutors to delay any damage to President Bush past the November 04 election. And that’s not all.

Because Dionne thinks we still don’t know enough about what blame should be assigned in the Plame leak, he says, “That is why Senate Democrats…should insist that before Alito’s nomination is voted on, Bush and Cheney have some work to do.” The “work” he assigns is, natch, to confess their crimes against poor ol’ Val Plame.

Let us pray that the Senate Dems follow Dionne’s advice to the letter and try to hold Judge Alito’s confirmation hostage to a White House confessional hosted by Joe Wilson. For them to do so would not merely be political suicide, it would be to do to themselves what the Romans finally did to Carthage. Go for it, boys and girls. Please.

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