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Frum Blames Nicolle Wallace for Palin Leaks

Apparently, when David Frum was a speechwriter for President Bush, he “crossed swords” with Nicolle Wallace over the Harriet Miers nomination. Wallace, a McCain campaign aide assigned to Sarah Palin, is behind the “savage cutting & gutting” of Palin, Frum says:

Would it not better serve the cause of understanding for Nicole Wallace to give an on-camera interview to Carl Cameron and state these points in her own voice – and allow viewers to asses their credibility? Wallace’s fingerprints are all over these leaks anyway, so it’s not as if she has any anonymity to lose.

Let’s see if Wallace denies it. Last week, a source told me that the McCain campaign had devoted more effort to protecting Wallace than it did to protecting Palin.

UPDATE: Bill Kristol accuses McCain’s campaign aides of “paranoia”:

Staffers going through colleagues’ e-mail accounts to try to find out who was leaking — that’s what your contributions to the McCain campaign paid for.

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