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Drop the Racism Thing, Already!

The left is playing with fire by yelling “racist” in an emotionally crowded campaign. And Barack Obama is subtly encouraging it. Charles Krauthammer brilliantly blasts him for it. Drudge had a link up called “Seventh grader called racist for wearing Palin t-shirt,” but the link at time of this writing doesn’t work. When I wrote my column last week on cultural issues, a whole host of readers sent me email accusing me of being racist, as if any mention of culture is code for race, which of course it isn’t. (To give credit where it’s due, more than half of the accusers had the grace to retract when I wrote them back and told them of my work against David Duke and a host of other actions I have taken to fight racism.)


Enough is enough. For once, can’t we leave race out of it? Real racism is sickening — which is why it is also sickening to accuse somebody of racism when racism isn’t involved. As far as I’m concerned, that’s as bad as accusing somebody of being, oh, say, a child molester without a smidgen of evidence. It’s a scurrilous smear. And it’s high time that conservatives stand up to it and call it a smear. (Now, if you actually do have racist motives, please kindly shut up and go crawl under the rock where you belong.) And call the accusers what they really are, which is slanderers, pure and simple. Hell, maybe even use the courts to our advantage for once, and sue the bleepers for their slander. But whatever we do, fight back.

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