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Pretty Reasonable
The cuddly Daniel Larison objects to my objection of expecting Palin to know much about foreign policy:

Let’s try to remember that this hacktastic spin came from McCain’s campaign and their supporters, and Palin willingly went along in making this farcical claim on more than one occasion. It is now supposed to be evidence of journalistic misconduct to make the mistake of taking the campaign’s own idiotic statements as though they were serious. Duly noted. Whenever the McCain campaign claims anything about either candidate, we should assume that it is equally nonsensical and give it no credence.

Actually, yes. Correct. But don’t limit us to McCain. Obama, whose very philosophy undergirds the origins of the financial crisis, should face the same scrutiny. One should be skeptical of all campaign spin. I have the weird expectation that journalists should spend more time digging on their own, rather than relying on the opposition research of the campaigns, or mucking around on television with the latest “lipstick” flap. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.
I didn’t get much out of the Couric interview, and it’s not because I particularly like Sarah Palin. It’s a series of moments in which Couric refuses to flesh out the character of the person. I think that’s a waste of time and shows a stunning lack of imagination. Look, if I want to know the policy positions, I check the website. If I want to understand the thinking behind the policy positions, I watch the interview. Even if you disagree about what I think should be asked during one, we’ll probably agree that Couric didn’t exactly rise to the occasion, particularly during the Biden interview.
Then again, to return to foreign policy, James Lucier does an excellent job in yesterday’s web piece showing that her foreign policy experience isn’t immediately dismissible:

You have a sixth sense about Russian fighters and bombers intruding into your territory, or daring to come as close as possible. You are relieved when U.S. military planes scramble from Elmendorf Air Force Base to escort them back. Meanwhile, you make nice. You invite the Russians on trade missions, and you invite them to international conferences.

On August 12, Governor Sarah Palin addressed the 8th Annual Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region held in Fairbanks, hosted by U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and sponsored by the University of Alaska. The Russian parliamentarians were included along with the Canadian, Danish, Finish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish legislators. They focused on human health in the region, particularly among the indigenous peoples common to all the nations. They talked about preserving renewable, non-renewable and alternative resources. Governor Palin reported on Alaska’s progress with the new gas pipeline and with alternative energy.

George F. Kennan she is not. Claiming she’s on McCain’s level is absurd. Then again, claiming Biden is on McCain’s level may also be absurd. Definitely absurd: Claiming Barack Obama is anywhere near this level.
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