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Re: But is she ready for the ’24’ scenario?

“What if the Silver Surfer came to Earth and said Galactus was going to consume the planet? Who would make him feel safe then?”

Better yet: Let’s say Magneto had started a war between super-powered mutants and humans, claiming that the only way super-powered mutants could be safe is for humans to die. Could Sarah Palin possibly broker a truce between the factions?

Or: Doomsday comes to earth and kills Superman. Would the DC gun regulations as they stand get in the way of Sarah Palin loading up on some buckshot and taking the fight to him?

Or: A gigantic asteroid is flying toward earth. Will she, Todd, and a group of scrappy oil rig workers be able to prevent us all from meeting certain doom?

Or: A cyborg sent from the future is sent to kill her in order to prevent her from leading us in the coming robot wars. Is John McCain strong enough to protect her?

Or: A group of evil alien robots are looking for a special cubed object lost here on earth. If John McCain dies in office, will Sarah Palin be able to align herself with the good alien robots and lead humans in an intergalactic robot war?

Or: The Joker dies, as does John McCain. Will Sarah Palin be able to reprise the leading villain for the next Batman movie?

Or: Sarah Palin’s real identity is discovered, and her loved ones are put in danger. Will she give up her crimefighting to protect her family?

Or: Sarah Palin is dropped in the middle of the desert with no food or shelter. How long will she survive using techniques learned from Man vs. Wild, and will the McCain campaign continue to shield her from the press even if a Discovery Channel camera crew has been hired to record her progress?

REMEMBER: This is the most important election we’ll ever vote in. EVER. MOST. IMPORTANTEST.

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