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That Loud Pounding You Hear

Is opportunity knocking at the president’s door. Now that Miers is gone, I expect that the president will nominate someone of such stellar credentials and proven conservative judicial philosophy that we can all unite behind him (or her). This is a recognition of the reality that conservatives have fought for three decades for this moment, when the court can be turned from judicial activism, from the trend to look to Europe for “enlightentment” and back to originalism.

The next nomination will create an opportunity to reunite the conservative movement that will not come again for a decade. If — as I expect — the president comes through this time with someone who is really the best around (Luttig? Brown? Sutton?) we will all have to join together as we haven’t since 1980.

The fight over a conservative nominee will be as tough as any we’ve faced. This is liberalism’s last stand. They have to win or give up their last bastion of power in America, the out-of-control courts, and they will not spare any expense or fail to make any sacrifice to win. It may all come down to what McCain and his Gang of 14 do. The president will — according to the MSM — be enormously weakened by whatever indictments come tomorrow. But those indictments will not be a substantive weakness if conservatives dedicate themselves to this fight.

Clean your weapons, check the comm links and lock and load, boys and girls. We’ll need to win this one for The Gipper.
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