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FitzMas Wish List

Yep, that’s what the hyperlibs — here and abroad — are calling the occasion they expect to receive political gifts from Patrick Fitzgerald: “Fitzmas.” Their salivary glands are working overtime. The UK Guardian newspaper is typical in its view of the libs’ most wished-for outcome. Today, speaking of Plamegate and comparing it to the case of suicided UK intel analyst David Kelly, columnist Jonathan Freedland writes:

“Now there is a chance to discredit not just Bush’s presidency but the ideology which led to the disastrous adventure in Iraq. Plamegate itself may seem arcane, but that outcome is one in which we all have a stake.”

We all do, indeed, Mr. Freedland. Whether we continue to fight the global war against terrorism is not something that should be decided by prosecutors or courts.

Perhaps the most worrisome event — so far not something we should confuse with White House disarray on the the Plame Name Blame Game — is the president’s inexplicable continued reliance on the UN to deal with the matter of Syria. If Mr. Bush is to be criticized, it should be for failing to prosecute the war against Syria. That it is the source of terrorists, money, and weapons that are killing Americans in Iraq has not been in doubt for more than two years. Why are we not doing something — decisively, conclusively and, yes, unilaterally — about it is a criticism to which Mr. Bush has no defense.

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