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DNC Digging Obama Deeper

The McCain campaign’s “Celeb” ad has gotten so far under the Democrats’ skin, they can’t stop calling attention to it, the latest example being this DNC response ad:

The Democrats are committing a fundamental error of political public relations, responding to an attack in ways that tend to amplify the opponent’s message. By jumping up and down and shouting “Racist! Smear! Unfair!” Democrats are merely calling attention to the original attack (which Democrats must recognize as very effective, considering how much they’re complaining about it).

Once again, as with the ill-considered decision to hold a Friday press briefing on the canceled Landstuhl visit, the Democratic response to the “Celeb” ad has only guaranteed that Team Maverick’s message will be Topic A on the Sunday shows. And as Allahpundit says, “Let Obama’s numbers drop another three or four points and we’ll see how they feel about negative ads then.”

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