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Obama’s New Middle Name

I meant to post this yesterday…. At the Examiner, we join the chorus blasting Barack Obama for breaking his word on campaign financing. (I happen to think we did it in particularly strong and effective language, but that may just be conceit.) But I will personally go one step further than the Examiner editorial. The editorial ended thusly: just another politician talking out of both sides of his mouth. I think it has been amply demonstrated, so much so tht it needed no repeating, that Obama doesn’t just talk out of both sides of his mouth. Instead, he knowingly and repeatedly tells untruths and breaks his word. So he’s really, to put it more strongly, “just another lying politician.”

With that in mind, even though it is likely to become too much of a mouthful, I make this pledge, at least until further public notice: From now on, I will never write Obama’s whole name on first reference in any blog post without writing out my new middle name for him, that name being Just-Another-Lying-Politician, or, better, “Justanotherlyingpolitician.” It will read like this, for example: “In yet another example of his arrogance and cynicism, today Sen. Barack Justanotherlyingpolitician Obama said….”

Now, why would I give him a new middle name? Because Obama has made it so clear that he considers it to be out of line to mention his real middle name, Hussein. I, for one, never intended to use his real middle name, much less to use it as a form of smear to cast doubt on his Americanness, or whatever. I saw the Louisiana Democrats try that with Piyush Jindal, now Gov. Bobby Jindal, and it sickened me. Nevertheless, after other recent remarks by Obama, it becomes clear that his complaints about the misuse of his middle name are actually part of a strategy at fomenting a backlash against supposed racism and dirty pool by the right. It’s part of a pattern of deliberately injecting race or religion or ethnicity into the campaign while blaming the other side for doing so. Hence, on Friday, with no particular examples to point to, Obama had the temerity to say that Republicans would try to smear him by saying, “Did I mention he is black?”

As Bill Clinton, of all people once noted (in different words), Obama himself plays the race card by accusing his opponents of doing so. (In Clinton’s case, the first “race card” he was accused of playing was actually a perfectly innocent Clinton remark, but I wholeheartedly believe that afterwards Clinton himself did deliberately try to use the race card to his own advantage. But that’s beside the point.) So, to rile up black voters along with liberal whites, Obama claims, falsely, to be the victim of deliberate Republican racism. Same thing with his over-protestations about use of his middle name. Well, if he doesn’t like his middle name, he can have the new one I am giving him.

So, I hope this lengthy explanation makes sense. The point is not what Obama’s middle name is, it’s what his character is. And his character is that of just another lying politician.

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