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After this latest reversal by Obama, the one on matching funds, it’s time to coing the new word in the headline here. How many times will this cynical, mendacious, unaccomplished faker completely contradict himself and/or directly violate one of his own pledges before the Establishment Media AND the late-night comedians start calling him on it? The gall of this man is beyond belief. Mark Halperin at The Page at Time.com has the whole timeline of Obama’s unambiguous statements that he would accept and abide by public financing. One day he says an “undivided” Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel; the next day he says that only part of Jerusalem should be the capital, subject to negotiations, etc., etc., et-lieing-etera. He said in 2004 that he was basically where Bush was on Iraq, and then campaigned as if he had opposed every step Bush took. And by now, the other examples (amply documented by other bloggers) are legion.

The man is a liar, pure and simple. A liar who got a corrupt sweetheart deal from a criminal so he could afford an expensive house. He’s a disgrace.

I note that this is the very first time I have unloaded on this fraud. Check it out. I have until now totally restrained myself, thinking it better to focus on positive issues. But mendacity and hypocrisy just galls me no end. This guy is a liar, a fraud, a disgrace. It’s not that the public finance system for the general election is something necessarily worth saving, but darn it, if you make repeated public pledges to save it and to abide by it, then you darn well ought to stick to your pledges.

“Change you can believe in,” my a$$. It’s more like Obama says “I’ll change what I believe in (whenever I can gain advantage by doing so).”

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