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Dobson, Rove, Miers, Whatever

Drudge is now reporting that Miers, testifying in a lawsuit fifteen years ago, professed her membership in something called the “Democratic Progressive Voters League” but eschewed membership in horrids such as the Federalist Society. She apparently didn’t like the way Federalist Society membership — which she characterized as “politically-charged” — might be seen to color her views. At the same time, she said she didn’t think the NAACP was a political organization. (And, to be fair, fifteen years ago they weren’t as far out in deep left field as they are today.) But what the devil is the “DVPL”?

Meanwhile, the White House has confirmed that Karl Rove did speak to James Dobson about the Miers nomination (without, I believe, confirming all the details we looked at yesterday). This second issue is much more important than the first. All the concerns about what was told to Dobson by Rove, especially about her “judicial philosophy,” are going to fuel a large fire in the Judiciary Committee.

For years, we’ve been hearing that the Bush White House’s liaison with Congress is the weakest in memory. If this proves true on Miers, and the Miers doubters continue to thrash the Senate, it’s possible that this nomination will get bottled up in committee or before it reaches the floor. Remember: the Senate has the “hold” process, by which individial members, anonymously and without citing a reason, can stop a nomination or bill from coming to the floor indefinitely. (Barbara Boxer held up the confirmation of DepSecDef Gordon England for months.) If the White House legislative team fail to sort this out before the committee vote, if Miers is confirmed at all, it’s more and more unlikely that the confirmation will occur this year.

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