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We Ain’t Seen Ugly Yet

Wlady: Sure, it’s been ugly. But what is coming soon is going to redefine the word. The president now says that Miers’s religion was a major factor in the nomination. That opens a door that was closed from 1776 until this morning: a barrage of questions to savage Miers about how her religion will shape her judgments. Questions of religious belief that were as bad only in 1960 when JFK was accused of placing Catholicism over patriotic duty. It was wrong then, and off-limits since.

Now, the hyperlibs have been given an open season on religion and there’s no bag limit. The anti-religion lefties will be screaming for a secular court, and the MSM will pile on enthusiastically. The only good thing about it is that some of the libs may be too scared to join in this Inquisition. Schumer, Durbin and Leahy won’t be. They’ll do a Torquemada on Miers.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dobson is blathering on, and no one from the White House is refuting what he says which — in Washington — is tantamount to affirmance. Your point about whether Dubya talked to her while sitting or standing or jogging in the “100 Degree Club” heat is right on the money. Miers will have to ‘splain that away, and won’t be able to, at least not to the satisfaction of the Dems and the media.

The problem we’re having — and pace, Jay Homnick — is that both sides are not right. Both sides OF the right are arranged in the perfect circular firing squad. Damage continues to mount on the conservative side of the ledger while the hyperlibs practice what Sun Tzu preached. They’re standing aside while the enemy — us — destroys himself. Both those who are opposing Miers outright, and those — such as me — who are saying she’s a bad pick because she’s too big a risk, are under fire from the White House.

It will get very ugly very soon. Rove and Dobson will be called to testify under oath at the hearings. And they will fudge. And that will damage everyone, including the president.

At this point, the only thing we can be concerned about is not Miers. It’s not the president. It’s the conservative movement, and the awful impact this is going to have if: (1) Miers is confirmed over conservative objections; (2) she turns out to be, as I believe she will, another Souter; and (3) grassroots conservatives give up on the whole mess. The cost of the Miers nom may be paid in the coin of conservative dedication to future Republican presidential aspirants. Which is something Mr. McCain may want to consider.

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