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Re: Reducio ad abc-surdum

Careful, Conor. That horse you’re up on is awfully high; I’d hate to see you fall and hurt yourself.

None of those questions is likely to come up in the campaign. All of the questions that Obama and his supporters (and you) are whining about most certainly will.

Neither Obama nor Clinton will win without the superdelegates. Since the candidates have few real policy differences, the superdelegates’ decision all comes down to electability. Not only would the eat-your-vegetables policy questions you seem to crave be boring (do you really think 11 million people would have watched a debate about constitutional philosophy? Really?), the moderators would actually be doing a huge disservice to Democrats if they focused on them at the expense of questions that will actually be relevant to the election.

P.S. Here are the answers to your questions: On enumerated powers, both candidates would answer that Bush is bad. On the War on Drugs, both candidates would endorse it with few meaningful qualifications. On balance of power, both candidates would answer that Bush is bad. Sounds like a fun “debate.”

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