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‘W’ The Movie

Drudge links to a story on The Hollywood Reporter website which has obtained a few pages of Oliver Stone’s forthcoming film on President Bush. Admittedly, we are told that the pages come from a draft of the script and it may have changed by now. If the current script reads anything like what has been released, we are in for one of the goofiest films in years.

Check out this exchange from a scene where the President and his advisors are discussing his “Axis of Evil” speech:

Rove opens a bottle of non-alcoholic bear for the President. Cheney finally chimes in.

Cheney: Anyone can go to Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran.

Bush smirks, clinks beer bottle with Cheney’s coffee mug.

Bush: Real men.

Who writes this stuff? Stone’s movie looks like it will be the cinematic version of the Comedy Central cartoon Lil’ Bush with the exception that Stone apparently sees his project as a serious study of President Bush’s psychological make-up.

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