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Olympic Outrage


We find ourselves in the nearly unique position of agreeing with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Like stopped clocks, we think they can be right twice in a day and their minute has come. President Bush should not go to Peking for the Olympics

Quite so (and using the old-school name for Beijing is a nice conservative touch).

Related: You may have heard about the “horrible thugs” guarding the Olympic torch (and attacking local police). Appropriately enough, they’re from the same skull-cracking squad that the Chicoms have deployed to Tibet:

Its members were picked from the ranks of the People’s Armed Police, the security force spun off from the army that is responsible for riot control and domestic stability. Tens of thousands of “wujing”, as they are called in Chinese, have been deployed to Tibet and neighbouring areas to quash recent unrest.

The Onion has a darkly hilarious take.

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