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The Naughty Time Revolution

You know any post that begins with "I'm a 52-year-old
man with sexual issues"
is going to be entertaining, but even that opening
salvo does little to prepare you for Philip Weiss' defense of Eliot Spitzer by
way of attacking the “widely-upheld pretense that bourgeois American
marriage resolves sexual life for all men.” It’s a revolution, Weiss cries!
“Gays had their liberation, women had theirs, what about straight married

Well, yes, why not? In fact, this very evening I plan to put
the proposition to my wife in the plainest possible terms: “Look, we gave you
the right to vote. Now you’re going to sign this permission slip saying I can
have sex with whatever neighbor or acquaintance is interested in servicing a
slightly chubby man’s sexual desires. You’ll do it because we both believe in
equality.” Honestly, I’m not that optimistic and the
sure-let-my-wife-screw-other-guys! revolution is no doubt a bit further
off… More:

In Europe his needs would
have a place. Not a place of honor, but a place. In the U.S. we make marriage a
sexual stronghold in the midst of a hypersexualized culture, then stoke the men
with Viagra like hormone-fed cattle, stroke them with internet porn, politicize
married sex as a kind of covenant of citizenship.

Spitzer likely appreciates the support now, but one gets
the impression he wouldn’t have been lenient with the supposed prostitution
ringleaders he took down if they had only argued they felt like stroked
hormone-fed cattle being forced into a puritan covenant. Me? I'm partial to Tabin's argument. I say legalize it, but let's not celebrate it.

Still, Weiss clearly feels passionately enough about
Spitzer’s case to issue rare praise for Alan Dershowitz (“Execrable on
Palestinian human rights, he was eloquent on Spitzer's”), whom he normally
finds himself at loggerheads with over the vast Israel Lobby complex, as well
as Spitzer’s call girl (“beautiful chick, amazing rack”). And if someone such
as…Oh, I don’t know, say, Silda Wall Spitzer happens to believe maybe an
“amazing rack” doesn’t supersede wedding vows or create an air of nobility, Weiss isn’t having it:

I know what [Spitzer] was thinking; I get it. And all the
patronizing talk about men's stupidity bothers me. God made me this way. Any
smart wife knows there's an upside.

Yes, quit being so stupid honey, and
pass me the checkbook. I've been um, difficult with my special paid
lady friend again, and she needs some more cash to accept it's…safe.
Lord! “I'm not complaining about marriage,” Weiss insists in his
original post, “it's the best thing in my life.” Just potentially not better than a legal, if a bit too
pricey, prostitute.

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