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Opening Shots

Ouch. Wallace starts right in on Romney on fees. Romney handles it well. Very sober shot at McCain for being against Bush tax cuts. well handled. not nasty, but understated and factual — and strong because of it. Also hit Huck’s record in same style, but with less clarity.

McCain turns question into a spending cut question. Did it well. (Darn.) (Somebody needs to hit him on his COMMENTS at THE TIME that did not involve spending cuts, but instead class-warfare attacks.)

Romney’s counter about his own record is very good.

Wallace does a good job asking Huck about his own tax-hiking record. Huck does typical good job of shifting the question and answering only about the taxes he did cut. A great answer.

Then Romney asks him a direct question. Huck instead attacked Romney. Romney won that exchange. (Okay, enough already, let’s let Rudy and Fred talk.)

Huck lies about a court order during his exchange with Romney. This lie has been exposed before. But he got away with it, made it sound like a good escuse.

Finally Rudy gets to talk. Rudy answers tough question on taxes from Wallace, and does it very well. As well he should, because his record on that front in New York was flat-out awesome. Makes a plea for corporate tax cut. Does it well.

Thompson finally gets to talk. Wallace asks about his ownt ax-cut plan. Wallace says it would “blow a hole in the deficit.” He also mischaracterizes Fred’s SS plan. Thompson does a good job trying to explain his SS plan. Wallace cuts him off (did not cut off other candidates like that). Great line about what to do about the Dems: “You fight them. You take your case to the American people.” Romney mischaracterizes Fred’s proposal. but does it while sounding respectful.

McCain comes in and says he admires Thompson’s courage. McCain has good credibility on this issue. He always has been courageous himself on this. Great answer.

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