What Women Want

By on 7.14.14 | 5:20PM

July 14, according to the United Nations, is Malala Day, referring to the birthday of the Pakistani "girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban."

Malala Yousafzai celebrated her seventeenth birthday by visiting the families of the kidnapped girls from Nigeria. She wrote in the Washington Post that they and other girls worldwide are her "sisters," in need of her help:

I know education is what separates a girl who is trapped in a cycle of poverty, fear and violence from one with a chance at a better future. During my school holidays, I traveled to help my sisters through my organization, the Malala Fund. I have visited refugee camps in Jordan, spent time with girls facing poverty in Kenya, and even been to New York City, where girls face bullying and violence.

Time For a DTR With Pakistan

By on 6.9.14 | 3:43PM

A relationship may be sown by the seeds of spontaneity, but sooner or later it comes to a DTR—the new small-talk meaning "define the relationship."

It might be time to have a DTR with Pakistan. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday:

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for attacking Karachi's Jinnah International Airport, which left at least 28 people dead, saying it was seeking revenge for recent Pakistani military airstrikes against them. ...Seemi Jamali, a spokeswoman for Karachi's Jinnah hospital, where the dead and injured were brought, said 18 airport employees and security personnel were killed by the attackers. In addition, 24 were injured, she said. Security officials said that 10 militants were also killed—seven were shot dead, and three blew themselves up with suicide vests.

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Obama, Iraq, and Reality

By 10.10.08

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The Current Crisis

The Clown of Campaign ‘08

By 10.9.08

Listen to the pride of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

McCain Won

By on 9.27.08 | 12:56AM

Overall, Obama didn't embarrass himself -- though he had better hope that bracelet gaffe isn't the takeaway, because that is much worse than John Kerry's global test. If I were an Obama partisan, I would be happy with the way my candidate acquitted himself on issues that aren't his strength and that he looked non-scary and presidential.

That said, I thought this was John McCain's night. I say this as someone who thinks McCain is wrong on most of the major foreign policy issues of our time, including Iraq. McCain simply pinned Obama's ears back during the foreign policy and military exchanges. I don't agree that his nonsensical campaign suspension and bailout participation aided this in any significant way. But I haven't seen an old Washington hand mop up the floor with a smarmy, inexperienced but glib pol like this since Cheney kicked Edwards's posterior in the 2004 vice presidential debate. Obama was on the defensive most of the time, and his "not true" interruptions were mostly ineffectual.