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Boehner’s Bargain: Conservative Victory?

By on 4.9.11 | 11:33AM

Conservative opinions of the compromise deal struck late last night, which averted a shutdown of the federal government, are decidedly mixed. Andrew Stiles of National Review was triumphant, applauding "Boehner's robust leadership." And by avoiding the shutdown scenario -- which some Democrats clearly relished as an opportunity to excoriate Republicans as "extremists" -- Boehner's compromise deal "allows the Republicans to live again and fight another day," as our own Jim Antle observed in the wee hours.

Democrat Senators Threaten Government Shutdown

By on 2.21.11 | 11:30AM

Over the weekend, there have been several headlines suggesting that a budget impasse will lead to a replay of the 1995-96 government shutdown:

Government Shutdown Looming: What Does it Mean to You?

Congress, Obama brace for showdown as government shutdown looms

Despite the fear-mongering headlines, House Republicans -- including Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan -- have repeatedly disavowed any intention of a shutdown. So who's talking it up?

Schumer: Republicans 'clamoring' for government shutdown