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When I Worked for ACORN

By on 12.3.13 | 1:21AM

I just finished reading Charles Davis’ piece at Vice detailing how poorly left-wing publications such as Mother Jones, The New Republic and The Nation pay their interns and fellows despite how they rail against corporate greed. (H/T to Charles C.W. Cooke at NRO).

Reading Davis’ article took me back to my brief sojourn with ACORN many years ago. That would be the same ACORN that once employed President Obama. That would be the same ACORN that advocated a living wage. That would be the same ACORN that expected those in its employ to work 55 hours a week. For that week’s work, I made the princely sum of $300. Well, what can one expect of an organization that once sued the State of California to be exempt from its minimum wage laws?

Oh, how the Left loves to makes rules. It just doesn’t like to live by them.

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