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You Gotta Have Heart

We may have some 120 allies in the global fight against climate warming, according to our president, but how many of these nations’ leaders knew just what the hell he meant when he told them at the UN the other day, “There should be no question that the United States of America is stepping up to the plate.” “Plate? What kind of plate? Dinner plate? Metal plate? Plastic?” the simultaneous translators puzzled. Anyway, our guy is one to talk — only thing he ever steps up to is a tee. No doubt, he pronounced his UN speechathon a slam dunk. Darryl Dawkins, for those of you who remember him, would have characterized it as an “in your face disgrace.”

Not all went as planned. In a better world our president would have ridden up to Yankee Stadium to honor Derek Jeter at home plate last night. Instead he had to rush back to D.C. to comment on the “resignation” of his cowardly Attorney General. How can it be an actual resignation if Gen. Holder is expected to remain in office until next year if not 2017, pending confirmation of his successor, who’ll have to pass muster not only with Al Sharpton but perhaps a Republican Senate and the Kennedy family. Probably Janet Reno and Fidel Castro too. Gen. Holder knows something about boots on the ground and guns in the face of a small child. Now that’s domestic violence.

His boss, meanwhile, has done the impossible. He’s finally drawn a red line in the sands of Syria, and now proceeds to jump back and forth across it, catch me if you can style. He’s out to overthrow Assad (in case we’ve forgotten), he’s out to degrade ISIS, depending on what the meaning of ISIL is, all in the name of nonexistent moderates, particularly now that Obama intelligence has discovered the existence of a “group” inside Syria even more virulently anti-U.S. than the ISIS crowd.

It goes by the name “Khorason.” Here at Enemy Central we were on their track years ago when they sang backup for Miss Peggy Lee on her marvelous hit, “You’ve Gotta Have Heart (Corazon).”

We now know who does backup for the unemployable Ms. Lois Lerner — Politico. The paper’s reputation rehab of the IRS’s deposed queen has received much attention. We’ll just add a few observations. Much has been made of the volunteer rescue work Lerner did with animals in post-Katrina New Orleans. Note that none of it included work with actual residents of the city. If not for her dealings with tea party groups, you might conclude that she suffers from a lack of human contact.

Certainly she thinks the president and the press have let her down. In the end, great patriot that she says she is, she’s become disillusioned. She no longer believes government is a great place to work and “would not recommend people go into government service.” How long before someone whistle-blows her to the IRS? Next thing you know, she’ll be starting up her own tea party group.

A similarly aggrieved figure is U.S. women’s soccer goalie extraordinaire, Ms. Hope Solo, whose domestic violence case is back in the news merely to offer some diversity to the NFL business we’ve been hearing so much about, even during two-minute warnings. Suddenly Ms. Solo has taken on great sacrificial import in the fight for gender equality. As USA Today columnist Christine Brennan put it, “The cases involving the NFL players and Solo are not entirely parallel, but the common thread of allegations of violence runs among them all. Let’s hope that U.S. Soccer and its corporate sponsors are not treating the situations differently because the alleged domestic abuser is a woman, not a man.”

Hate to disappoint Ms. Brennan, but Ms. Solo didn’t punch anyone in an elevator let along drag them out of it. Instead she did the liberal thing, i.e. drank some wine, and then punched a younger male cousin who’d gotten on her nerves. He in fact then hit her on the head with a broomstick and even grabbed a gun. He’s lucky she didn’t then punch him out the way female heroines in the latest TV shows do with regularity in the name of justice, gender equality, and female prowess. So Solo must remain Solo, while Ms. Brennan goes the way of La Lerner, an EOW who played dirty.

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