With ‘News’ Like This…
Larry Thornberry
Florida State Capitol (Christopher Boswell/Shutterstock)

It gets increasingly difficult with the reliably leftist Tampa Bay Times to sort opinion from news. In fact, it’s near impossible to find the latter uninfected by the former. Take this page one headline and story from Sunday’s edition (please):

“Florida turns hard right — New Republican leadership pushed through policies that have failed for years.”


The item is not labeled opinion or even analysis. This is what passes for news at the Times. The long story goes on to lament “hard right” policies newly adopted by the Florida Legislature such as money for school vouchers, a ban on sanctuary cities, and a law that would allow trained teachers to be armed. They also sniffed at the legislature making it more difficult to get constitutional initiatives on the ballot. These clutter up ballots every state-wide election and usually concern issues that should be dealt with legislatively, not things that belong in the state’s basic governing document. How these policies, most of which are new, have “failed for years,” the team of Times reporters who put this opinion piece together offer no clue.

The obvious question Times readers are left with — many of these reluctant readers as there is no other Tampa area daily — is: With “news” like this, what the hell does the Times need an editorial page for?

Larry Thornberry
Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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