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Who’s the Dictator, Senator McCain?

So John McCain thinks “dictatorships start with the suppression of free speech.” It is sort of ironic to hear insinuations of dictatorship from a man who’s been in power for over thirty years. You know what else is ironic, Senator? It is ironic to see a veteran, a war hero, and a POW whose state’s Veterans Affairs Hospitals are not just ranked last, but are responsible for the deaths of men and women who served our country. The statute of limitations is up, sir, and it’s time for you to be judged on the body of your work.

We get it, Senator, you despise our President. I’m sure you like many, including Mitt Romney, go to bed at night, thinking to themselves what the… But in your case it goes way deeper; the President went after you personally. No, he didn’t bring up your state having the worst VA in America (and I can’t get over that irony). No, he didn’t go after your state for having the tenth highest crime rate, or the fourth-worst school system. He went after your trump card. He went after your get-out-of-jail free card, and the worst part for you, Senator, was this only made him stronger.

Maybe at night instead of losing sleep, and questioning why he is President, question why his tactic worked. Ask yourself why that insult didn’t bury him. Why didn’t every senator and congressman rush to your defense? Yes, it was a crude insult in the way it was stated, you being a loser by being captured, but maybe that’s not the insult the American people heard, and I think in your heart you know that.

Maybe the insult or truth that we heard was, yes, you were a war hero, noble, and we salute you, but what’s your point? Then-candidate Trump that day questioned what, other than your patriotic service and bravery, qualified you to be a United States senator. Yes, compared to Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer and the many laureates we’ve had serving, you are a Mensa member, but no one should ever compare themselves to those two. Just the facts, Senator. Your state is and has been in trouble for a long time, not to mention your Obamacare premiums that are about to, in terms you can understand, go boom.

That you are spending your time on foreign soil, might I add, denigrating the President, is an absolute reflection of your lack of character. Perhaps it can’t fully explain why Mr. Trump is President, but it is surely a massive reason why you aren’t, and it kills you. It was Winston Churchill who said, “When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home.” It also shows your true colors. It shows those rumors of pettiness and abrasiveness to be true. It also shows why not many came to truly defend you.

Imagine, Senator, if you had gone after the media like you have gone after the President. Imagine if you had stuck up for your running mate as she was being eviscerated by this media that you are now defending. Where were you when Sarah Palin and her family were getting the “fair and balanced treatment”? The answer, Senator, is nowhere. That is why you are not President. And I remind you, it was you who said our economy was strong as the markets were crashing. It was you who suggested suspending your campaign was an exemplary sign of “strength.”

Where is your anger over your state’s VA? You backed a bill over how detainees are being treated but have forgotten our soldiers and their treatment. Where is this same mock hysteria for your state’s violent crime epidemic? Where is your voice for your state’s failing school system? Sadly, or to Rand Paul gratefully, had you shown the same media a tenth of the moxie while you were the nominee that you have displayed in your disdain for the President, maybe you wouldn’t be so distressed.

The statute is up, Senator, not for your state, which once again voted on your trump card. But for you the jig is up in the other forty-nine states. Now you have a decision to make. Will you be the Hanoi Jane of your party, over an insult, or will you do something you should have done eight years ago, something you did fifty years ago? Fight, fight for the electorate, listen to the electorate, or be deaf like all good dictators, who play their trump card and are above reproach?

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