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Who the Hillary Is She?

So here we are, 40 days and change left. One candidate who’s everywhere, and one who is playing a game of hide and seek.  Come out, come out wherever you are, Hillary. I want you to think about this. Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for the better part of 30 years and we know nothing about her. I don’t mean the parts she lets us know about and I’m not referring to the obvious scandals and what she considers successes. I mean the real her.

I would say this whether she were a man or a woman. Where are the family portraits, where are the embraces with her grandchildren, and who is Hillary Clinton? I guess what it comes down to is that Hillary Clinton doesn’t know who Hillary Clinton is, so how would any of us have any clue either? Her life has been one big reset button. Who am I today? What accent do I bring to the table? What state am I from? Who’s my favorite team? Am I carrying hot sauce or horse radish? Who the hell am I? I doubt she ever asks herself that question, because if she did, it would kill her before her health conditions did.

Essentially the only selling point Hillary has, is that we know what we are getting. Really? How can you know what you are getting when that person is constantly changing what she’s offering?

Love him or hate him. Donald Trump might be the most human person we’ve had run for president since 1968. We all have the need and want to feel human. We all make mistakes, and we all have flaws. We all wish there were things we could take back. The Democrats like to essentially say that Donald Trump is a mirror of the worst in us. I believe he mirrors what’s best in us. When did we become so dead as a country that we were no longer OK with the human condition? When did we get to the point that our leaders have to be perfect servants and not trusted servants?

We now have a president who the only time he feels comfortable in his own skin is when he’s speaking about the color of skin, or speaking in front of the UN to murderers and the corrupt and insecure. A nation mirrors its president and right now we are a nation in crisis. We aren’t just a country divided, we are a country that’s divided among the divided. We are lost, and I’m not claiming this is all Obama’s fault. It’s taken more than eight years to create this mess we’re in, but dear lord he did a damn good job of getting us to rock bottom.

So, for me the choice is simple. Voting for a human, or chasing good money with bad. Starting over, or falling deeper into the abyss. Finding out who we really are as a nation, or being a global country, which is essentially code for “I’m insecure and have no identity of my own.” We are Americans. This is the greatest country God has created. We make mistakes. We achieve greatness. We try and help, and sometimes we hinder. We are human. Now, all we need to do is actually vote again for a human. So, yes, Donald might be flawed, and, yes, he might actually be human, but Who and What is Hillary?

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