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When You Vote This Tuesday, Be a DREAMer
The replica of the Alamo at Alamo Village located north of Brackettville, Texas (Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia Commons)

This Tuesday is the first Tuesday this November that will be preceded by a Monday in November. That makes it “Election Day” in many parts of the country.

Virginia will be electing a governor. New York City will be getting its first mayor in eight years. Lots of stuff.

This off-year election centers around the DREAM. Vote like a DREAMer:

1. D = Defunding the Police?

Vote on crime. Would you like to defund the police? That great idea was adopted and advanced by the Democrats and their ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and Washington Post media. The mere advocacy of cutting funding for police has led police officers to file in unprecedented numbers for early retirement and to submit resignations at remarkable rates. While routinely patrolling the streets and responding to calls, police have learned to stay out of trouble in situations where they might save lives but, as a consequence, might lose their jobs or be suspended, possibly without pay. Under the Democrat Left defunding regime, violent crime now has soared at rates that America has not seen since the last wave of Democrat liberal policy innovations more than half a century ago. When you vote, think about candidates who advocate defunding police and who advocate no-bail release.

2. R = Race? Systemic Racism? Critical Race Theory?

Until Obama came to the Oval Office, America had rehabilitated completely from the core aspects of our racist past. Let no one foolishly deny outright that America, like all other societies, was beset with a racist past. Jackie Robinson was not admitted into baseball’s major leagues until 1947. But 1947 was basically 75 years ago. Either a past is recognized and rehabilitated, or one wallows in self-pity and self-abnegation. Irish immigrants faced awful discrimination here when they arrived amid the potato blight and mass deaths; many were conscripted promptly to fight for the Union in a war that was not theirs while the landed classes paid their way out of fighting. Italian immigrants faced hatred and death. So did German immigrants. The August 1855 Bloody Monday in Louisville affords one of many abject studies. Similarly, Jews were denied access to jobs, homes, hospitals, hotels, clubs — and some, like Leo Frank, were murdered by lynching. Chinese immigrants were denied citizenship wholesale until World War II, and there were horrible mass murders of Chinese immigrants on the West Coast; whole neighborhoods were burned down by racists.

OK, so we had a racist past. Check out what went on in Europe — what the Catholics did to the Protestants, and vice-versa. What the British did to the Irish, the French, and others — and what got done back to them. What every European country did. What every African tribe did to the next one. Even more recently — Hutus and Tutus, Somalia and Ethiopia. Look at what Muslims do to each other: Shiites and Sunnis and Alawites, blowing up each other’s mosques, often during Ramadan. And the vaunted Native American tribes of North and South America, who scalped and pillaged and raped each other for centuries until Christopher Columbus and Western explorers brought a new civilization to alleviate the blood-thirsty chaos.

So everyone has had history, but America solved it. By 2008 no Black in America was disadvantaged on grounds of race when applying to college or seeking a job. Movies and television no longer depicted Blacks disrespectfully. The White people now were the morons — Archie Bunker and crew. The Blacks were Dr. Huxtable. No one said the word that Lyndon Johnson, with his deep southern drawl out of Texas, always seemed to be saying when he tried to say “Negro.” We no longer even could say the word that we no longer say. We have to say “The N- Word.” And everyone knows the reference. Let a USC professor say a Chinese word that means something utterly unrelated but sounds like that word, and he is fired. Nowadays, you can say the “F” word explicitly, the “C” word. These are the coarse and filthy lyrics of America’s #1 hit “song” last year.

Systemic Racism? Baloney. Just the other day, we learned that 34 percent of White kids who apply for college lie and claim to be Black because that improves their chances to get in — and 77 percent do get in that way. Hmm. Systemic Racism?

They try to pawn that garbage off on your kids now, forcing six-year-olds to stand in public school, as at a Stalin Show Trial, and apologize for their “Whiteness.” They do the same garbage at the workplace, with “facilitators” brought in to teach employees to “acknowledge” their racism. Take a look at this photo. Bring this photo with you into the voting booth. Look at it. Then vote. ’Nuff said.

3. E = Economy? Inflation?

Economics actually is a bit of a science. Not quite chemistry or physics, but not quite literature either. When a country goes into a recession, a downturn occasioned by external factors like, oh, a worldwide pandemic, people earn less, spend less, buy less. They keep repairing the car rather than buying a new one, keep mending clothes and wearing worn-out clothes due for a change, reduce their vacationing and entertaining, their restaurant meals and their movie- and theater-going. In time — as if by science — the economy turns around. The car cannot be fixed any more, and it needs to be replaced, like it or not. The clothes have too many holes and need to be replaced. Finally, the moment comes on an anniversary or birthday to eat out. As a result, except for the able-bodied and mentally astute parasites who live off government “entitlements” — to which they are not entitled — everyone else starts going back to work, more or less around the same time. People start generating income, and tax revenues increase naturally. The economy rebounds.

It always works this way. The economy is cyclical.Housing prices go up, then go down, then go back up, then go back down. As incomes rise, generating more cash to spend, prices rise almost in lockstep to suck it back. That is why a six percent pay raise does not mean you now can buy six percent more stuff for long or suddenly can afford stuff that costs six percent more than your budget used to allow. Because, as everyone gets six percent more cash, sellers realize that they can charge six percent more and still maintain sales. So my grandfather could get into the movies for five cents, then twenty-five cents, and could ride the New York City subway for a dime or a quarter, and it cost three cents to mail an envelope, and now it all costs so much more than that — but not really. It’s science: supply and demand, economics, the amount of money in the system, the amount of paper currency being printed.

We do not need government much to fix economies. Economies mostly fix themselves. Yes, a compelling argument can be made that we still do need a bit of targeted government guidance, severely limited government tweaking, to rectify certain aberrations in the economy. For example, when enough fools do something economically foolish that results in their families’ economic ruin, an excellent argument can be made that they deserve to reap the disaster they have sown. Yet, if enough such fools end up homeless on government assistance, other social dislocation costs can be implicated — costs of crime, disease, children being ruined for life. So there can be some argument made that limited, moderate government tweaking perhaps can be useful in isolated outlier cases.

But we all can agree that the Democrats’ never-ending subterfuges by which they steal trillions of our tax dollars in the name of “economic stimulus” when they really are confiscating our earnings via taxes to transfer our wealth to their donor classes and to advance their pet Woke projects results in (i) robbery, which always is immoral and ethical, and (ii) a hyper-inflated currency that rapidly loses aspects of value. In the end, it is the middle class and lower class who pay for inflation, the retirees and pensioners — but never the rich. Do you see why?

If a dollar once could buy you a car, and two dollars could buy you a house — and you presently have saved three dollars to make those two purchases — then inflation takes that away. You still have those three dollars to buy your house and car, but — now with inflation — the car costs two dollars and the house four dollars. So, having worked years to save those three dollars, now you need six dollars. They even will increase your three dollars by ten percent, so you now have $3.30. But you have been priced out of everything, and you never saw it hit you.  You still can’t quite figure out what just happened. Your elected representatives diverted your attention by telling you they would hand-pick the 700 richest Americans — Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk types — and tax them to pay for it all. Sounded sweet, huh? But those guys never pay and never will. They and their excellent, highly skilled financial advisors and tax attorneys always can avoid newly aimed tax schemes. That is how they got to be America’s 700 richest in the first place. Instead, you pay without even knowing what hit you. Your elected representatives will not dare raise your taxes too overtly because you then will be “smart” and will vote them out. So, knowing from past legislative experience that so many Americans, even the “college educated,” are easily fooled because they lack economic savvy, the people in Congress instead proceed to enact inflationary legislation that burns your paper money to ashes. Suddenly your $3.30 cannot buy what $3 could buy a year earlier. Your life savings have lost ten percent. Your retirement pension will not cover your rent or mortgage payments the way it once could. That’s inflation.

Jeff Bezos is OK and always will be OK. If his costs go up, his Amazon simply will raise its prices to maintain his profit margin. Zuckerberg will increase charges for advertising to cover his increased costs. Warren Buffett’s stock holdings will rise because all the corporations in which he invests also will raise their prices to offset their rising costs. Buffett always will pay less in taxes than does that secretary of his. At the end of the day, who ultimately pays those higher prices and costs without benefiting from concomitant offsets? You do: you, the middle and lower classes who do not simultaneously control parallel pricing structures to generate more income to offset rising costs, except for asking a boss for a pay hike that never will be in lockstep with inflation. And the classic victims: the retirees and pensioners who live off relatively fixed incomes that do not rise in lockstep with inflation, so lose value over time.

Under Biden and the Woke, the Democrats now have fueled inflation in an economy that was healing naturally, cyclically on its own. As but one example, look at what they have done to fuel prices: gasoline for the car, electricity for the home, as they have entered the private sphere to over-regulate. When Biden cut off the Keystone XL pipeline, cut out Alaska exploration, reduced American energy independence and returned us to needing to buy other people’s oil, he changed the economics of energy, caused oil-barrel prices to skyrocket, and generated an aspect of inflation that most Americans cannot trace to its roots. All they know is that home heating suddenly costs more, gas at the pump costs more, and food prices are shooting up. Think about that when you vote.

4. A = Afghanistan?

American foreign policy usually is messed up. The State Department has been wrong all the time on everything. It is hard to find a more reliably wrong agency in the world — a century and more of utterly misreading the world. If Joe Biden has compiled a documented record of being wrong on everything repeatedly for half a century of public life, then the U.S. State Department is what Joe Biden would be if he were a cabinet agency. The State Department was wrong on Germany in the 1930s, Japan in the 1940s, Russia and China in the 1950s, the Cubans and South America and Southeast Asia in the 1960s, and always has been wrong on Arab and Muslim countries from the 1920s through today. They have cost us so terribly in so many ways from World Wars to 9/11 to the Middle East, the Cold War, and NATO.

The Biden evacuation from Afghanistan was rooted in the myopia endemic in all of American foreign policy. However, Biden’s unique failures afforded a first-time break-out opportunity for Americans finally to see, beyond the Leftist Democrat Media’s blackout wall protecting Biden from being seen and from being scrutinized by voters for his fumbling, bumbling, and stumbling — the full scope and depth of Biden’s incompetence as president. Despite the ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and Washington Post cabal hiding the reality of Biden for half a year, Afghanistan forced it out into the open. Thirteen American marines who never would come home again. Americans stranded in the world’s center of purgatory as we evacuated without them. Afghanis so terrified that they insanely hung onto planes as they lifted off, predictably losing their grips and falling to their doomed deaths from the skies above Kabul Airport. Think about the Afghanistan evacuation when you vote on Tuesday.

5. M = Mexican Border? Illegal Immigration?

Since before Ronald Reagan, our southern border has been broken. After Reagan granted amnesty to millions of Illegals, the floodgates opened as Democrats began to grasp over the next three decades how a broken border facilitates replacing the American electorate dominated by conservatives, moderates, and independents with a new replacement demographic comprised of Takers who come here, induced by government “entitlements” to which they are not entitled at all, and who assure the potentially permanent Democrat Left usurpation of America.

The Illegals do not replace overnight. True is true, and — because they are prohibited from voting — most of them cannot vote and most do not vote. But they get amnestied in ten years, twenty tops. So they bide their time, not even knowing the end game, but their Democrat and ACLU handlers do. In twenty years, they will be voting — thirty years, tops. By then America will have gone through four or five presidents, and the ones who swore never to grant amnesty will be dead and buried with new presidents who will be persuaded that “it is only fair by now that these people who have followed our laws for twenty, thirty years be entitled to vote.” So they  will vote.

Meanwhile, the kids they bring in with them will be voting as DACA sorts long before that. The mantra now is well rehearsed: “All because my Mom and Dad broke the law does not mean that I broke the law. I was a kid. They forced me. I had no choice. It is un-American to impose on children to pay for the wrong decisions of their parents.”

Actually, almost every kid who ever has lived has “paid for” or benefited from his or her parents’ decisions. The neighborhood in which the parents opt to reside. The careers for which the parents trained to earn income. The elementary school and high school they select for the kid, or whether to send the kid to a non-sectarian private school, a religious parochial school, or to home school. The children of parents who opted to serve overseas but did not live to return home grew up as disadvantaged orphans. The children of inner-city violent criminals, of fathers who went to prison, grew up without fathers. The children of fathers who abandon their families grow up without male role models, consigned to higher probabilities of crime, poverty, and life failure.

But the DACA Mantra nonsense means those kids will vote on a speeded track. They will vote, as their parents would if allowed, for the party that promises the handouts, the “entitlements” to which they are not entitled, the “free stuff” that is purchased by confiscating other peoples’ money. And then, during the ensuing weeks, months, and years, siblings will be born on American soil, thus automatically conferring on them American citizenship until and unless that historically wrong application of our immigration laws is rectified. In eighteen years they will be voting. Upon reflection, then, Illegal Immigration into America from our southern border is approximately a Thirty-Year Replacement Project. Consider dispassionately:

In California, Ronald Reagan was governor from 1969-1975. As president a few years later, he amnestied the Illegals. A new conservative Republican governed soon after: George Deukmejian from 1983-1991, winning his elections easily. Then an even-more-conservative Pete Wilson from 1991-1999, again winning easily. And then — all of a sudden — that was that. Thirty years had passed and, by then, the California electorate majority had been replaced. The shift in voting had nothing to do with California Proposition 187, which banned Illegals from using public health care services and enjoyed so much popularity that it passed 59-41 percent. California repeatedly has rejected racial preferences. In Proposition 209, Californians voted in 1996 to ban preferences. As recently as last year, in Proposition 16, Californians resoundingly again voted by 57 to 42 percent to ban racial preferences. Nevertheless, the electorate majority now is replaced with Left Democrats, except for the Arnold Schwarzenegger interregnum, which was neither left nor right but just a temporary California flirtation with a movie celebrity who ran as a Republican married to the Massachusetts Kennedys and shifted rapidly to a liberal Democrat paradigm.

When you vote on Tuesday, think of that Mexican border. Don’t be so sure that, on that one, Biden has lost control of immigration. It is precisely the chaos that assures more replacement voting twenty to thirty years from now, if our country still stands under the Constitution that has guided us since 1789. Unless, by some chance, illegally immigrating Hispanic Americans break out of the cycle of dependency into which Democrats desperately are trying to shoe-horn them, the natural American majority truly will have been replaced. The Woke endeavor to assure that today’s illegally immigrating Hispanics will vote exactly as 90 percent of Blacks do, secured in Democrat pockets even though the Democrat Left policies are what destroy them and their families. If not reversed, today’s border chaos insures the fall of the Alamo again — and all of Texas and Florida — in the next twenty or thirty years. D.R.E.A.M. about that, too, when voting on Tuesday.

Photo image: © 2006 Larry D. Moore. Licensed under Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
Dov Fischer
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Rabbi Dov Fischer, Esq., a high-stakes litigation attorney of more than twenty-five years and an adjunct professor of law of more than fifteen years, is rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California. His legal career has included serving as Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, clerking for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and then litigating at three of America’s most prominent law firms: JonesDay, Akin Gump, and Baker & Hostetler. In his rabbinical career, Rabbi Fischer has served several terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America, is Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values, has been Vice President of Zionist Organization of America, and has served on regional boards of the American Jewish Committee, B’nai Brith Hillel, and several others. His writings on contemporary political issues have appeared over the years in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Jerusalem Post, National Review, American Greatness, The Weekly Standard, and in Jewish media in American and in Israel. A winner of an American Jurisprudence Award in Professional Legal Ethics, Rabbi Fischer also is the author of two books, including General Sharon’s War Against Time Magazine, which covered the Israeli General’s 1980s landmark libel suit.
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