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What Goes Around Actually Does Sometimes Come Around

There are some grumbles out in blogoworld about a bandwagon-jumping media failing to ask Scott Brown tough questions in the final days of the Massachusetts Senate campaign, and treating Martha Coakley as a loser prematurely. The latter, as Phil wisely points out, may be a valid critique, but the “tough question” bit reminds me of the closing paragraphs of a Weekly Standard report on the debate a couple weeks back:

The debate was moderated by CNN’s David Gergen. Near the end of the debate, he had two questions for Brown and Coakley each. After putting Brown on the spot over Roe v. Wade and “climate change,” Gergen turned to the Democrat with his hardest hitting questions of the night.

“Do you think it was right to insist on three people being at the debate?” Gergen asked Coakley. Yes, she did.

He followed up with this doozy: “As you look back on the campaign, do you have any second thoughts on how the campaign has unfolded?”

“Absolutely not,” she said.  

Yeah, poor Martha. 

Also, if the ghost of Calvin Coolidge haunting this race?

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