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We Inaugurate in Scary Times

There is nothing Donald Trump can say on Friday that will unify this great nation, so why try? He will say black, they will hear white; he will say jobs, they will hear racists; he can say the world is round, they will say it’s flat now. He knows this more than any politician of my reasonably short lifetime, so there is no point in speaking to the radical-left ten percent. Their eyes and ears are so filled with hatred, animus, and self-loathing that I would encourage all in college to get a degree in psychology.

You think Election Day was depressing for liberals? It won’t come close to anything they’ll feel on Saturday morning, when they wake up and realize this wasn’t a dream for them. When they look outside and realize that no matter what they say, whether it was “illegitimate,” “racist,” “sexist,” or “homophobe,” those labels were all for naught. The world is still a spinning mess, made worse by eight years of “nation building” and the past eight years of nation dilapidating, and yes, Donald Trump is the President.

I was in rehab one time, and I said to my counselor, I can admit I’m an alcoholic, but I can’t accept it. He said the words to me that truly began to save my life: “I don’t care what you can accept or admit, own it. Now, what you do with it is your choice.” He didn’t baby me like I had been babied in the past. He was brutally honest, and those words stuck with me until I eventually got sober a short time after. He’s your President! Whether you accept that or not, I really don’t care. Get help! Find a support group! Do whatever you have to do. This is reality, and it’s here to stay, whether you accept it or not.

Hey, maybe Sunday mornings, instead of the “Hour of Power,” if that’s even still on, or guys like Benny Hinn, the left can create the “Hour You Lost Power.” Could be good work for some out-of-work actors like Debra Messing, and yes, as I’ve mentioned before, I really don’t care for her. But, she can have a second career as a therapeutic healer. Every Sunday morning, at around ten o’clock, after those few of you who are still reading the Sunday edition of the New York Times and have had your lattes, you can turn on the “Hour You Lost Power” and have one big bitch session. You will not lack guest bitchers for your sermons. Maybe this can be followed by the “Denial Hour.” It’s ironic isn’t it, how we on the right get accused of being and living in denial. My, how the tides have shifted and the tables have turned.

No, I will not stop trolling you on the left, because it’s fun, and that goes for the obstructionists on the right, too. Remember, you are the ones who did this. Just like I was the one who decided to drink, you were the ones who decided to bring it. Why? Because we don’t all think like you. Why? Because for once in your bubbled life, you were told no. That’s truly what this comes down to, isn’t it? For eight years, you have been told yes to everything you want, like a drug dealer giving you all the samples you wanted, and now no more samples, your dealer is gone. For eight years, you got what you wanted, while the world burned. You fought for toilets, drug legalization, and a slew of other fringe issues, while people have been slaughtered. Your levels of selfishness disgust me, and that’s why I will troll. You fought for a toilet seat and not for the man or woman ripped from their toilet seat and thrown off a building for being different.

When I got sober, I went to this amazing therapist, who was also brutally honest with me. She told me to work the Twelve Steps and get honest with myself because only then would I, possibly, be able to be honest with her. So, to my “one day” eventually hopeful friends on the left, there is no point in talking right now. Take some time, find a meeting, support group, or “Hour You Lost Power.” Do what you need to do. When you will have reached a modicum of some sort of awareness, you can come see us. But, until then, and I actually mean this, please be safe. You are scaring us.

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