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We All Have a Little Bit of Trump in Us

I have always been a wonderer, often about the mundane and the trivial and the real, but always a wonderer. What did Chivas Regal do its first 12 years, why did private men’s bathrooms have a stall and a toilet, why don’t all men’s bathrooms have partitions? If I adopted a highway, could I choose who cleans it? If a phobia is a fear of the irrational, how can one be Islamaphobic? How is it not, at best, race baiting, for a president to call on blacks to vote for a certain candidate just because they are black? What if Ross Perot never existed, what if we never invaded Iraq, and what if we had never left Iraq? Why in God’s name is it okay to set up private servers, a question that has never been answered? Lots of wondering and wonderment, and maybe that’s what this election has come down to: those who wonder and are willing to wonder, versus those who are steep deep in a reality that exists only to themselves.

That’s right. The Trumpster’s the new base are the Wonderers, or to quote the New Radicals, “we’ve got the dreamers’ disease.” Donald Trump didn’t touch a nerve in all that’s wrong with America, as the left likes to portray. He touched a nerve in the best that’s in all of us, the dreamers and wonderers who thought that was all dead. The left looks at Trump rallies as if they were a white nationalist gathering. We look at Trump rallies as one big “we want a job fair.”People who just want to earn their fair share of the American dream. Maybe that’s what separates many on the right, though many on the left want this dream too. Except they just want half of your dream. 

The left looks at Donald Trump as a petulant child, a man boy who hasn’t grown up. We look at him as a man who hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a a boy. Dreaming and wondering is what separates him from Hillary and those on the left.

Being that man boy is how he has actualized so many of his fantasies and dreams. And yes, someone like that is contagious. Why do people play the lotto? Because, from the moment they buy the ticket, up until the drawing, they can escape the harsh realities that is the real world. Trump supporters have no delusion that they will be millionaires overnight or ever, they just want their lotto ticket and are willing to buy the ticket. 

Donald Trump is far from perfect, but who among us is? We all have a little Trump in us. The good, the bad, and, yes, the ugly. We are all Donald Trump. We on the right embrace this fact, while you on the left disgust yourselves in it. You wonder why the evangelicals and the religious embrace Donald Trump? Because he’s a cross between the prodigal son and the wayward son. He’s the right’s Holden Caufield . You also forget one more thing: the religious know how to forgive. Part of being able to forgive is the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. 

People just want to get back to work. Are there jobs still there? They don’t know. People are tired. They are struggling, and yes they have chosen a reality star as their “reality.” They have chosen a man who has sparked something in them that they thought was dead. America has been in bad marriage after bad marriage. Donald Trump isn’t offering a relationship, as much as he’s saying let’s be friends with benefits and see how this goes. Let’s be friends. Yes, that can be a scary proposition. Most flings don’t go well, and people are left bruised and battered. But we are so sick of the same old,same old, how much worse can it get? Can you imagine going to bed and waking up next to Hillary for the next four years? Trust me, there is no wonder there. 

Whether Mr. Trump wins or loses, he has set off a train reaction that can’t and won’t be stopped. He has brought out the little boy and, yes, girl in all of us. He is the candidate who has allowed us to dream and wonder, and not as the left likes to say of a “White America,” but of “One America.” An America that once again aims for the stars, and even if we don’t hit them, maybe we will just land on Mars, and America will no longer be okay with okay. The dreamers’ and the wonderers’ dreams will not live or die with Donald Trump. It’s okay to wonder again America. It’s what truly makes us American. So, whether it’s wondering about Chivas, and bathrooms, or wondering about whether or not you have a place in America, I beg of you to, no matter what, please keep wondering. I am the wondering Jew and you are the wondering Americans. They call us the deplorables. I call us the Wonderers.

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