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Was Micah X Just a Racist?

A black American boy aspired to become a cop when he grew up but instead stole panties in the Army and eventually developed a hatred of white people so severe that he set out to kill them. How did a boy who wanted to become the ultimate man, that responsible American authority figure — a police officer — become a creepy loner who turned to violence on behalf of a racist terrorist group? The answer is that one element of this narrative doesn’t quite fit. The answer could be that race was not Micah X’s only motivation for killing five Dallas police officers on July 7.

A person who wants to go into law enforcement might join the National Guard. It fits. Many who wish to enter the security professions embark on such a career path. However, what do many young men who join the Army find these days when they get there? A feminized and, oftentimes, female-dominated world nothing like the carefully ordered, hierarchical, and patriarchal culture that their grandfathers joined. Prior generations entered the military not just for a paycheck but in order to become respected men. So when today’s soldiers are surrounded by women who dictate to them — a world not unlike the unnatural one that some leave in order to join up — perhaps the experience leads to a similar frustration felt by inner city youth who remain.

In the days following the Dallas shooting, Micah Johnson’s mother Delphine revealed that something changed after her son enlisted in the military. “The military was not what Micah thought it would be,” she told the Blaze. “He was very disappointed, very disappointed. But it may be that the ideal that he thought of our government, what he thought the military represented, it just didn’t live up to his expectations.” She added that Micah began to behave like a “hermit” after returning from the service. Both his parents have attested to his desire to become a cop.

There is a certain level of frustration that a man who hopes to become a respected leader must encounter when all his potential role models are women — particularly if they belittle him for the very fact of being male. Clearly there was tension between Micah and some of the females he served with. He didn’t fit. So in this feminized state, he went on panty raids and made creepy advances toward at least one soldier. To add insult to injury, the behavior ultimately earned him disciplinary action for sexual harassment.

And if such a man — a man whose biggest aspiration was to become a masculine authority figure — became frustrated enough, what might he do? Get angry at white people? Kill white people? It doesn’t fit. Or at the very least, the story seems incomplete. What does fit is that he attacks and destroys the very type of man that he once aspired to emulate but wasn’t allowed to become. This incident, unlike the rest of the socialist-orchestrated racial violence taking place this summer, is a true tragedy. First for the families of those slain but also because Micah X could be something of an African-American Oedipus Rex — doubtless a murderer but perhaps acting on something deeper than just a desire to kill on behalf of a hate group.

As such, this can be read as a cautionary tale about our entire culture and how we teach — or, more accurately, no longer teach — boys to become men. Young black men in America have by far the most difficult environment to navigate in order to become the types of leaders that boys look up to — primarily because the welfare state has substituted for generations of absent black fathers. But even after some of these boys manage to escape the female-dominated environment of the inner-city family, mainstream American culture no longer offers them the opportunity to join masculine institutions offering boys a path to leadership and respect. Even more frightening is the fact that other racial groups in America could also see increases in youth violence if the institutions that have always created men cease to do so.

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