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Van Jones: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

So, in yet another in a long series of arguments why certain people ought to stick to Power Point for its discipline-imposing function, now Van-Jones-on-a-roll admits Gang Green were just “pretend[ing]” when they keened that ‘global warming’ was a market failure in order to get their perceived least politically costly approach to energy scarcity — cap-and-trade — adopted. And, with that having failed on the Hill, next year they have to go to EPA, and “now we gonna have to pretend like it’s a regulatory failure”. h/t The Blaze

Oh, and he telegraphs next year’s tweak of the Left’s routine, apparently threadbare shrillness, “rolling back 25 years of environmental protection”, which somehow described amending the Administrative Procedure Act, prospectively (whatever…being a professional environmental activist means never having to worry about the truth). And that talking point, revealed, is:

“This is important for you to know, young folks, because, if we’re not careful, by this time next year, Congress may eliminate the Clean Air Act. At EPA [sic]. They said they want to do that.”

Please to show me these ‘they’? Translated, apparently that’s what is really meant by offering to return the Clean Air Act to its decades of apparent non-existence, by reaffirming that its definition of “pollutant” still does not include carbon dioxide — thereby undoing the train wreck commissioned by Justice Stevens’ expansive interpretation in Mass. v. EPA that it could if EPA wanted it to, plain reading of the Act and its legislative history notwithstanding.

And that’s what Justice Scalia apparently also meant in his dissent’s FN 2 excoriating Justice Stevens’ folly: “It follows that everything airborne, from Frisbees to flatulence, qualifies as an ‘air pollutant.’ This reading of the statute defies common sense.”

All of which, naturally, means:

“So then we won’t be able to regulate, won’t be able to tax, won’t be able to sell permits, we’re just gonna be cookin’ the planet and losin’ the jobs”.

Of course we will, dear. Gotta love those high-profile ‘catch’ Obama recruits. Remember, ‘Van Jones Was No Accident’.

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