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Upon the Deadly Roof

On Saturday night, I witnessed a horrible atrocity. It happened at the Scientology center that has recently been remodeled, and has since reopened across the street from my house. On the roof of the building, there were about a hundred or so parishioners chanting “L. Ron,” and holding a Dianetics book in their hands. They all had their faces covered. At first, what I thought was maybe a Scientology party, for the reopening, turned out to be something very different. All of a sudden, a young man who didn’t have his face covered, and appeared to be in his teens, was tossed off the roof of the building.

I, truly, will never forget the rage and hate on those parishioners’ faces, truly never. Then, out of nowhere, a light from the sky appeared, coming from a circular ship, and beamed all of those parishioners into the night sky. I could almost swear that I heard the song “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins being played, as the man in his mid-twenties lay dead on the street. Rumors are he was a gay transsexual Jew who couldn’t accept L. Ron or Tom, and he was audited to hell. It’s tax season for Scientologists too.

All major media outlets were, and are still there, and the LGBTQ community has been holding vigil ever since. There are signs like “Tom is Hitler” written brilliantly enough on toilet seats. The protesters, in unison, have been singing “Staying Alive” and they can be seen burning what appear to be DVDs of Battlefield Earth. I have decided to stand with them and so should you. We need to shut down Scientology today.

Wait! That didn’t happen across the street from me. There are no protests and no vigils. But it did happen in Iraq, and was committed by ISIS. It happened, and it’s been happening. A young man in his mid-teens was tossed off a building because he was “different.” Or Isis so eloquently stated, it is acting against men who are guilty of “the transgressions of homosexuality.” No protests or vigils.

Why am I more upset by a gay teenager being thrown off a roof and then stoned while lying on the ground than by a gay person or protesting dance troupe outside of Ivanka and Jared’s house. This is metaphor and analogy delinquent, but what it does do is show you that left and liberal ideology is an empty vessel of absolute nothingness. Crying about Hitler, whining about bathrooms, and  absolute fear mongering over unjustified fears do not equate to gays are being slaughtered. Where is your God D***ed outrage? Where are your pipeline protests, your HBO Specials, and your calls to stand “with”? Or, does it just not fill your empty narrative?

That you are more outraged over Mike Pence’s seating arrangements with his wife, and that you are more offended by coal than by those tortured by a burning coal, shows your absolute disregard of any reasonable and cognitive thinking. Yes, your issues are important, because they are important to you. But, as you are deciding and choosing whether or not to chop off your privates, and that’s your fight and right, think for one moment of your brothers who are getting them cut off. Not because they chose to, but simply because they are “different” and they live in a region where they have no rights.

So, yeah, Scientology is evil, GMOs will kill you, Islam is a religion of “peace,” and Donald Trump is Hitler. You have no rights, as you protest and live freely. But the Trump posse is rounding you up, and the pillow cases are fluffed and folded, right? Please, I beg of you to say that to the man as he is being tossed off a building after being rounded up by a gang of men wearing “pillowcases.” Put that image in your empty heads, or just dance for something, and “fall” for everything, or off a roof.

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