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University of Virginia Students Demand School President Stop Quoting Jefferson

American universities are now officially just extremely expensive stupidity mills. $40K or more a year for kids to learn how to feel rather than think. It is because of this that 500 University of Virginia students AND faculty, presumably with straight faces, wrote a letter to the school’s president asking that she not quote the great man who founded it.

Students and faculty at the University of Virginia have asked its president to avoid quoting Thomas Jefferson, arguing that he “was deeply involved in the racist history,” of the school, The Richmond Time Dispatch reported on Monday.

Nearly 500 students and faculty signed a letter to university president Teresa Sullivan, denouncing an email she sent after the election that was meant to unify the campus.

The email included a quote from the nation’s third president:

“[University of Virginia students] are not of ordinary significance only: they are exactly the persons who are to succeed to the government of our country, and to rule its future enmities, its friendships and fortunes,” the quote read.

Sullivan rejected assertions that citing Jefferson, who was a slave owner, amounted to cosigning his views: “Quoting Jefferson (or any historical figure) does not imply an endorsement of all the social structures and beliefs of his time, such as slavery and the exclusion of women and people of color from the university,” Sullivan wrote in response to the letter.

Thankfully, Sullivan is rejecting the nonsense thus far, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. More often than not, we see the few sane professors and university officials remaining in academia cave to the pressure of the social justice warrior crowd.

Of all the insane tantrums thrown by the adult-sized SJW toddlers, this may be the worst. The fact that they’re being supported by some of the faculty showcases everything that’s wrong with tenure. In a rational business environment, these people would be out of a job.

If these pathetic emotional weaklings seriously want to try to delegitimize Thomas Jefferson,especially at an institution that wouldn’t exist without him, I say let them keep trying. This is the kind of meltdown that could get some play to a broader audience, and highlight just how off the rails college campuses in America have become. In a protracted narrative battle between Jefferson’s legacy and some foot-stomping morons, all my money goes on Jefferson. Let’s see how much of the old alumni money from the days before the lunatic fringe took over gets spread around if the university begins yielding to an anti-Jefferson push.

The boisterous, protests merely for the sake of protesting, participation trophy generation took quite a hit with Trump’s election. We’ve seen that they really want to act out right now, but they aren’t going to have much more than a media complex whose influence is rapidly waning backing them up. Maybe that will eventually lead to them returning to class, where they might get lucky enough to meet a professor who will teach them more than just how to complain.

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