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Unfiltered Donald Tries Out New Material

I constantly have what I perceive to be brilliant thoughts and theories that swirl around my brain. After careful study, and using my friends as my thought and theory Guinea pigs, I soon find out what is funny, thoughtful, idiotic, and what I should never ever repeat. And every once in a while my “brilliance” is confirmed. But right now I’m in Idaho, my two friends here are sleeping, so thank you readers for being my Guinea pigs, and I have no doubt that you will be brutally honest, I do read the comment section.

We are all born with a filter, that part of the brain that says now might not be the best time to say this, or maybe I shouldn’t repeat that joke I just heard. We’ve all got a super-ego that that holds our id back from saying, “Why is that woman wearing spandex, and why didn’t the store warn her before she left.” We all have jokes and thoughts that pass through our brains as we travel in our daily lives. Does this make us bad people? According to liberals, yes. Imagine if we all said what we were thinking. Would this bring harmony or chaos? That question will soon be answered, as we have Donald Trump who was born with absolutely no filter, and Hillary Clinton who is the human version of a filter.

Donald Trump didn’t slip in the polls because people were mortified by what he said, he slipped because he was in need of new material. The only thing that changed last week about his tone was that he read off a teleprompter, and his musical tone transitioned to more acoustic than hard rock. Ask any musician or comedian what the hardest thing is about performing live, and most will tell you that it’s performing new material. All fans want to hear the greatest hits, and all performers want to elicit the greatest audience response. And, most performers don’t want to let their fans down, not because they care about their fans, but because their biggest fear is a silent room. Democrats called this a pivot, a campaign breakdown or shakeup; I call it hiring a new producer.

So last week Donald tried some new material, and a funny thing happened, his fans loved it. He performed in front of a mostly white audience, and shared about the plights of the African-American community. Was he booed? Was he hissed? Not according to the Los Angeles Times polling and many other polls. On a side note, it’s funny that whenever Donald is close to Hillary or pulls ahead, poll results reported by the liberal media are then always prefaced with “It’s within the margin of error,” and whenever Hillary is ahead “It’s a commanding lead.” Last week Donald Trump pulled an Aerosmith/Run D.M.C., and did his own version of “Walk This Way,” and by so doing not only added new material to what was becoming a stale catalog, he may have also gotten a new fan base.

Last week Donald Trump didn’t only talk about the elephant in America, he slaughtered it. He brought up that thing we all think about as we are driving, or while in the confines of our own homes and heads. What the hell is going on in the African-American community? How is it possible for 7 out of 10 kids to be born out of wedlock? What the hell is going on in the inner cities, and what can we do about it? How is it possible that so many are out of work? Did he offer a solution? No. But, at least he had the courage to ask. He brought up what every big Republican politician, and many Democratic politicians have been scared to talk and think about, out of absolute fear of being labeled a racist. He said what we all think, that no it’s not us who are the racists, it’s you the Democrats and your social engineering programs that are racists, and you Democrats have literally destroyed and ruined a whole population of people. If you haven’t thought about this then you are a stone cold liar, or part of the problem.

We had two new acts this year, one decided step on the filter brakes, and is now currently performing at the Vermont Inn. That’s not how we become great, and that’s not how we make America great again. Yeah, of course Donald Trump has made many mistakes, and last week he acknowledged that. And who among us hasn’t? But, the only way to brilliance is by making mistakes, performing new material, and growing. I grew up loving Billy Joel, but all I heard was his greatest hits. When he came out with new stuff, I couldn’t understand why they all weren’t great, and all weren’t hits. I didn’t realize that in order to have hits, and great ones, you had to be willing to have flops. What separates me from many others is that I find flops, sometimes, as romantic as hits.

Last week Donald Trump made a choice: do I want to be performing in the Catskills, or do I want to be performing at the Rose Garden? We know Hillary has decided the borsht belt act is for her, headlining small rooms with stale material, being cheered on by people with stagnant thoughts. Keep using that filter, Hillary. Yeah, your tired shtick has worked on an older generation, and on a generation of sycophants, but in case no one told you, the Catskills are dead. So please, Donald, keep performing new material, and please never grow a filter. Your flops may cause “chaos,” but nothing makes you forget a flop more than the harmony of a new hit.

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