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Trump’s Impending Tulsa Triumph
President Trump at “Transition to Greatness” roundtable in Dallas on June 11 (YouTube screenshot)

Monday morning the word came that Eventbrite pre-orders for seats at President Trump’s first campaign rally of the post-coronavirus craze have exceeded one million.

This for an event in an arena that seats 19,200.

It’s relatively clear that the president’s supporters are less than concerned about the potential exposure to the Wuhan virus being in such close quarters with strangers. That isn’t a great surprise given most of them are aware, likely having seen on television or on the internet, that political rallies and demonstrations are safe spaces from which it’s surely impossible for the virus to spread. After all, for more than two weeks since the George Floyd fiasco paraded across the country in the form of “mostly peaceful” public protests including rioting, looting, burning, assaults on police officers, and so forth, and even including the armed takeover of a part of downtown Seattle by Hard Left kooks, the previous angry remonstrations against regular Americans going about their days without a mask or a dutiful six-foot bubble of separation with their fellow citizens have fallen away.

Social distancing for thee, and so forth.

Now, Trump has the opportunity to speak again to the American people, unfiltered by the Democrat media who have set upon him nonstop since the George Floyd riots began.

Since a bad cop killed George Floyd and the dam broke spilling Antifa and Black Lives Matter idiocy into the streets — it’s so bad that over the weekend, morons in New Orleans took down a bust of local 19th-century philanthropist John McDonogh, who founded the city’s public school system and trained his slaves in marketable trade skills before setting them free, and threw it in the river — Real America has been very quiet.

Quiet, but not silent. Real America has made itself understood, though not in ways the mainstream media will report.

For example, when HBO made the ridiculous decision to pull Gone With the Wind, one of the all-time classics of film, out of its HBO Max streaming catalog, thus blackballing the vehicle by which Hattie McDaniel won the first Oscar ever earned by a black American, Real America responded by making the movie the No. 1 film property for sales on Amazon.

When protesters in Fort Worth began invading restaurants and other businesses in order to “make them uncomfortable,” those businesses started locking their doors with patrons inside so as to prevent the Black Lives Matter mob from disrupting their experience. Where the doors weren’t locked, patrons began counter-protesting. Punches were thrown, and water was splashed in protesters’ faces.

Gun sales have absolutely skyrocketed so far this year, something that is only accelerating.

And then there were the pre-orders for Trump’s Tulsa rally, which has been panned by the Democrat media on two fronts.

The first is the laughable suggestion that it’s irresponsible for the president to stage a campaign rally while the coronavirus is still going on. News story after news story touts the “second wave” of virus infections now that the economic shutdowns have begun to peter out, though the public simply isn’t buying into the virus hysteria anymore. It’s almost as though Real America has concluded the virus hype was a scam designed to trash the economy and give Joe Biden a chance to win the election in November.

Maybe, those who reached that conclusion might also conclude, the George Floyd protests were similarly a scam. This much rioting and so many demands for a cultural shift toward obeisance to the Black Lives Matter movement wouldn’t really be possible without a whole lot of pre-planning and funding. But I digress.

It’s particularly unconvincing to scold Trump about planning rallies while at the same time touting, for example, the 15,000 people who turned out in Brooklyn for a protest pushing the rights of black transgender people. Nobody will be much persuaded on this score.

But the other front was a bit more successful, in that it did manage to force Trump to move the event back a day. Initially, Trump’s Tulsa rally was planned on June 19 rather than its current June 20 date. June 19, as many may know, is also known as Juneteenth, which is a day commemorating the emancipation of slaves at the end of the Civil War. It’s a state holiday in Texas, as June 19, 1865, was the date on which emancipation was announced throughout the state, and in the black community it’s become something of a cultural phenomenon.

Somehow, Trump isn’t allowed to have a rally on Juneteenth. To do that is “insensitive” to the black community. Particularly if that rally were to take place in Tulsa, which was the scene, 99 years ago, of a race riot in which at least 37 people were killed, most of them black, and the town’s mostly-black Greenwood section was destroyed. The last bit gave the Tulsa massacre an especially sorrowful character, as Greenwood had been the scene of a quite prosperous black business community — called Black Wall Street by Booker T. Washington — which was destroyed in the rioting.

Trump backed the rally up a day, recognizing it isn’t worth his while to fight over the manufactured symbolism of holding the event in that city on June 19. In doing so he put out a stupid fire set by his political opponents and made himself look responsive.

And now he has the opportunity to speak again to the American people, unfiltered by the Democrat media, who have set upon him nonstop since the George Floyd riots began.

Trump will point out that the May jobs numbers were the greatest in modern history, giving evidence that the economic shutdowns didn’t put an end to American capitalism. Quite the contrary — as Democrats fear, the economy is about to roar back to life in the third quarter, even despite the stupidity playing out on the streets of our cities. Trump might very well discuss that subject, as well — noting that in their zeal to keep their base voters desperate and dependent on government, urban Democrat machine politicians have all but encouraged the lawlessness of Seattle, Minneapolis, Santa Monica, and Chicago, and what lagging economic recoveries might exist will be almost solely attributable to bad blue-state government. After all, when Lori Lightfoot trashes Walmart and then stands by as her voters loot and burn its locations in South Chicago, exactly how is she going to lure them back into those neighborhoods?

He’ll also talk about Antifa as a domestic terror group. If he’s smart, Trump will change that to say Antifa is an international terrorist group and that its funding sources are foreign as well as domestic. Trump would be echoing statements by Attorney General Bill Barr in so saying, as Barr noted last week that foreign actors are helping to gin up violence on America’s streets. Additionally, Trump could reference the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is now playing up the rioting in American streets as a twisted answer to the demonstrations in Hong Kong, which fell off the front page thanks to the coronavirus.

Most of all, though, Trump, can, should, and probably will point out that to the extent there is “systemic racism” afoot in American cities that leads to incidents like the one which befell the unfortunate Mr. Floyd, those cities are run almost exclusively by Democrat political machines like the one pushing Biden’s incompetent presidential campaign. Bill de Blasio is no Republican. Neither is Jacob Frey. Nor is Eric Garcetti. In fact, in all of the cities whose police departments are accused of mistreating blacks and fostering injustice it’s been decades, or in many cases half a century or more, since there were any Republicans in positions of power. Whatever political incompetence or maladministration is causing those cities to become hellscapes devoid of upward mobility for so many of their citizens, it’s Democrats who are solely responsible.

And, Trump ought to say, it’s Democrats who are making things worse.

Trump ought to note the Rasmussen poll from a few days ago that marked his approval rating among black Americans as above 40 percent. He should point to that to indicate there is a large segment of the black population that is not on board with the idiocy of the Black Lives Matter movement and also to indicate that the Democrats’ history of abuse of such a core constituency is finally about to earn them some punishment.

The last bit is important. Trump needs to hammer home for weeks just how bad a job Democrats have done running America’s cities and how badly black Americans in particular have suffered from that poor performance. Seeing as though Joe Biden is less his enemy than is the legacy media, and seeing as though the CNN’s and New York Timeses of the world will reflexively deny everything Trump says no matter how obvious it might be, there is great purchase to be had in such a line of attack. The suburbs are where the 2020 election will be fought, and there is a reason people live in the suburbs rather than in town — virtually all of the ’burbs exist solely because of the poor governance in the cities, and we’ve never really had a national conversation about just how poor that governance is.

Force the legacy media to defend the Jenny Durkans and LaToya Cantrells of the world, and watch their credibility evaporate into nothingness. And then it’ll be Trump versus Biden on the stump, with Real America as the jury waiting to issue a verdict in November.

That’s where the real triumph will begin.

Scott McKay
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