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Trump Won That First Debate, You Know
Trump in between debates (YouTube screenshot)

Thanks to some rather sketchy polling in the days following last week’s presidential debate, polling that also picked up the news that President Trump had tested positive for COVID-19, the prevailing narrative is that the debate was a disaster for Team Trump.

The creators of that narrative are, of course, the same numbskulls who are now proclaiming a fly that settled on Vice President Mike Pence’s hair the winner of Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate. So much for intelligent punditry in our legacy media.

Susan Page, the Nancy Pelosi biographer who allegedly moderated the debate, framed every single question in a fashion hostile to the Trump–Pence ticket.

This is all bunk. It’s the product of an institution — supposedly “objective” journalism — that is all but dead. Cable TV news networks are dying, as is network television. Newspapers are moribund. The reporters working for these zombie organizations work for each other, not the public, and they live in the cesspool that is Twitter.

So when Twitter cooks up the narrative that Trump lost the debate because he was “rude” to Biden, despite the fact that Biden interrupted Trump repeatedly and slung insults like a belligerent drunk in a low-rent saloon, it’s quickly absorbed and regurgitated by the Zombie Hive Mind of the declining media class.

And yet. And yet …

Why is it that the Presidential Debate Commission is now demanding Trump agree to a virtual debate next week?

If Trump performed so terribly and Biden won the debate, why do the rules need to be changed?

It isn’t because Trump tested positive for COVID. By the time the debate is over he’ll be free and clear of the virus. Or if he isn’t, the debate can be rescheduled.

Is it because it’s easier to cheat in a virtual debate than it is with mail-in ballots?

Biden might have a teleprompter if the debate is virtual. He might have all the questions. He won’t have to deal with any interruptions. That, of course, might be a bad thing — there is a school of thought that has it that Trump bailed Biden out by interrupting him; had he not done so, Biden would have trailed off into mumbling and nonsense.

I don’t buy that. I saw Chris Wallace bailing Biden out more than once in that debate. And there is no reason to believe that Scott Scully, the “independent” moderator of the second debate who formerly worked as an intern for Biden, wouldn’t do the same.

But in a virtual debate, what guarantees do we have that Biden will get any questions requiring him to actually think of an answer? He managed to prove in the first debate that he could regurgitate his memorized talking points … barely. That isn’t debating. It’s a trained seal barking. It’s the back-and-forth that gives voters something to mull over.

We saw that Wednesday night. Susan Page, the Nancy Pelosi biographer who allegedly moderated the debate, framed every single question in a fashion hostile to the Trump–Pence ticket. That Pence still annihilated Kamala Harris — the proof of which is found in the media’s sudden obsession with the fly on Pence’s hair; none of them bothered to note that even the fly went with Pence — should indicate just how poorly she did.

And Pence’s best moment was when he went off-script and directly challenged Harris on whether Team Biden backs the Democrats’ plan to pack the Supreme Court. Because Nancy Pelosi’s stenographer sure as hell wasn’t going to ask that question; she was too busy lecturing Pence that his COVID response was a failure and trying to get him to agree hurricanes and forest fires are Trump’s fault for backing fracking.

Harris’s response was a pig-ignorant lie about Abe Lincoln and his appointment of Salmon Chase to the Supreme Court in 1864. It was one of a good two dozen whoppers she blathered out in a performance panned more for her atrocious body language than her vacant substance.

Trump rightly rejected the idea of a virtual debate. Biden didn’t.

That ought to tell you all you need to know.

Remember, while Democrats engaged in a spectacle of triumphant leg-humping after Biden’s supposed “victory” in the first debate, the calls to end them were ubiquitous. That didn’t happen, so now the format has to be changed to something more Biden’s speed. But yet Biden won.

Everything about these people is fraudulent. Everything about them screams dishonesty and deception.

Did you see Biden’s answer on the court-packing question Thursday? He told a reporter in Arizona he’ll answer that question “after the election.”

Seriously? Out comes the lid for Biden for sure, now.

These people have so much contempt for the American people that they’re openly hiding the ball. When has that ever led to political success?

Hey, maybe Team Biden and the Democrats’ media swamp know something the rest of us don’t. Maybe the rapid destruction of every institution they control doesn’t indicate they’re arrogant clowns incapable of doing a proper job at honest work. Maybe the country is due for a fundamental transformation at the hands of a geriatric Kerensky and his neo-Bolshevik handlers (though if it is, get ready for the Mother of All Midterms in 2022).

Or maybe this is just a gaslighting for the ages, put on by a cadre of charlatans America exposes Nov. 3.

But what they say and what they do sure don’t seem to match up. At least not from this vantage point.

Scott McKay
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