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Trance Agenda

When I shall be divorced, some ten years hence,
From this poor present self which I am now;
When youth has done its tedious vain expense
Of passions that for ever ebb and flow;

Shall I not joy youth’s heats are left behind,
And breathe more happy in an even clime?—
Ah no, for then I shall begin to find
A thousand virtues in this hated time!

Then I shall wish its agitations back,
And all its thwarting currents of desire;
Then I shall praise the heat which then I lack,
And call this hurrying fever, generous fire;

And sigh that one thing only has been lent
To youth and age in common-—discontent.
— Matthew Arnold, Youth’s Agitations

Yes, I am seriously hoping you are the one reasonable person who might be open to recognizing the truth. For your sake I am prepared to weather the inevitable storm of outrage from the cultural terrorists.

By now we have all heard the charming tale of the winsome boy, aged eight, captured by a roving New York City photographer. The paparazzo was compelled to snap the shot by a pensive something in the lad’s faraway gaze. When asked what troubles large and small weighed so heavily on his spirit, the youngster offered that “I am gay and worried about my future and if people will like me.” This apocryphal saga of art in the making accompanied the picture onto the Internet, where they became overnight an international sensation.

Suddenly Grandma Clinton, hitherto stricken dumb by journo-phobia, burst volubly into the fray. With all the hearty sincerity of 11 speechwriters, 17 campaign managers, and 265 consultants, she (or some proxy trying to make her prexy) assured (via Facebook rather than in actual human conversation) the boy privately (forgetting for a moment that her note would be read by the entire country) that his future would be fabulous (and don’t call us we’ll call you).

To her credit, she taught him so many wonderful realistic useful lessons about life in those few chosen words. She taught him that even a gay boy can be raped by a woman. She taught him that political movements would not hesitate to pimp him out for their cause. She taught him that people will preen for the larger camera of public opinion while leaving him as roadkill on the highway.

What she did not teach him was one word of truth or one kernel of wisdom or one flash of guidance. Imagine if your eight year old had psyched himself into something this silly and Grandma gave him that message! You would banish her to the liniment stench of her apartment and never let her within a mile of any child again.

Let us translate her words, using the free decoder ring provided by her campaign. 1) “You are right that you are gay and at eight years old you are fully equipped to determine and affix that status.” 2) “No one may undermine you by investigating or doubting that assertion in any way.” 3) “The proper response by you to that realization is to decide now you will never make any effort to marry a person of the opposite sex or father biological children.” 4) “The proper response for us is to declare you ineligible for heterosexuality and biological fatherhood and to ‘support’ you in this reality.” 5) “Life will be good anyway because you can find engaging activities and a same-sex spouse and we as a society will enable all that.” 

Let us be honest for a moment, if that is still possible in the current overheated environment. An eight year old kid cannot “know” he is gay. That is a palpable absurdity. At his age we all played in the sandbox and called girls icky. None of us knows he is heterosexual at that age. That is not an age of knowledge; it is a time of discovery. Children have to be led at that age, nudged, aided, guided, encouraged, educated, enlightened and… yes, chastised.

And even if we accept the ridiculous premise that he can “know” that now, why not work with him anyway to try to bring out an interest in women as sexual partners? Doesn’t the B in LGBT stand for Bi? Why not bring out the hetero side of the Bi? Or, to totally borrow their language, why not find out from his developed fund of self-knowledge whether he is Bi? Then we can be ordinary parents telling him to get married and reproduce biologically.

In marriage, we tell a man to disavow sexuality with 160 million women in this country in favor of the one to whom he is betrothed and who has committed to carry his children. Why can’t we legitimately ask a husband who is attracted also to the 160 million men to put them aside as well? Why shouldn’t a parent make it a goal that a child be capable of biological parenting? That should be seen as both a religious obligation and a scientific one; we work to get reluctant pandas to mate, but we may not do the same for our beloved human child.

I personally know several people who experience daily strong conflicts within their sexuality. They have same-sex attractions which they put aside to create biological families. They love their spouses and their children, and arguably they make a great personal sacrifice for those families every day. Sometimes they backslide and get caught doing something stupid in a public restroom or some such place. (Whittaker Chambers confessed poignantly to a few such episodes, warning the subcommittee who accepted his testimony.) But the battle they wage makes them nobler and worthier of our admiration. And their children are often among our finest people.

When an adult announces he or she is gay, you have to tiptoe very carefully, so shutting your mouth may be your best option. But when a child makes such an announcement? An underage child? Below drinking age of 21, below voting age of 18, below age of consent of 16-18 varying by state, below R-rated movie age of 17, below driving age of 16, below high school age of 13-14, below baby-sitting age of 12, below the age you can get on a freaking roller coaster???!!!

Grandma Clinton, you once knew better, and long past the age of 8. Shame on you, old lady, for misleading an innocent young child, leaving him in his trance for the sake of your pathetic agenda.

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